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The Factions:
Blackblood Devout Dwarven
Elven Firstborn Sons of Kronos
Stygian Swamp Goblins
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If you material which we at the disposal to put were here, then send this by mail at us.



  1. Chronopia Core Rulebook (2.Edition) - FAQ see Articles
  2. Chronopia Core Rulebook (1.Edition) - FAQ see Articles
  3. Chronopia Core Rulebook (1.Edition / Language swedish) - FAQ see Articles
  4. Fallen Land Rulebook (1.Edition) - FAQ see Articles
  5. The Dwarven Labyrinth Rulebook (1.Edition) - FAQ see Articles
  6. Sons of Kronos Rulebook (1.Edition / Language polish) - FAQ see Articles
  7. Empire Chronopia Rulebook - 10mm Massive Combat Game
  8. Empire Chronopia Armylist (Firstborn, Blackblood, Devout)
    doc-files by Jason "Southpaw" Glasco

New Units (2.Edition):
  1. Exemplar, Knights Temporal (Firstborn Unit)
  2. Count Elithrion the Flayed, Obsidian Warmaster (Elven Unit)
  3. Repulsar Lord, Knight of the Order Mallus (Firstborn Unit)
  4. Bone Golem (Devout Unit)
  5. Charnel Golem (Devout Unit) - Testrules!
  6. Earl: Swordsmen Noble (Firstborn Unit)
  7. Huntings Spiders (Swamp Goblins Unit)
  8. Unholy Champion (Devout Unit)
  9. Flayer (Stygian Unit)

Items, Spells & Warmachines (2.Edition):
  1. Siege Mantlets (Warmachine)
  2. Avatar of War- Battle Standard (Item)
  3. Banner of Darkness Rising (Item)
  4. Horn of Nar´gahresh (Item)
  5. Taterdemalion (Spell)

Armybuilder Files:
  1. Ruthers 2.Edition File - with all new units, spells, items
  2. Most Current Chronopia Updates for AB2
  3. Forgotten Heroes Chronopia Army Builder Update FH 1.0
  4. Chronopia 2nd Edition 6.0
  5. Chronopia - V3.0 (1.Edition)

by Chronopia Fans:
  1. Chronopia Point System - by HG
  2. CAMPAIGN SYSTEM Version 4.2 - big rulebook
    by Mark Theurer and J. Michael Tisdel
  3. Adventures - Warhammer Quest for Chronopia
    by Konstantinos "The Historian" Thoukydides
  4. Chronopia Campaign Rules - By Kenneth Hutchinson
  5. Rules for Small Campaigns - by AKA
  6. Rules for Long Campaigns - by Lord Caliburn
  7. System for Customising Characters - by Daryl
  8. Topaz Scorpion Custom Elven House - by Lotuseater

Chronopia RPG (Files from
  1. Chronopia RPG - Rules and Information from 2012.
    by Adventure Club Entertainment (ACE)
  2. Character Sheet - blanco sheet - by Adventure Club Entertainment (ACE)


Chronicles (Target Games):
  1. Chronicles #12 1998
  2. Chronicles #11 1998
  3. Chronicles #10 1997
  4. Chronicles #9 1997

  1. Visions IV
  2. Visions III
  3. Visions II
  4. Visions I

Fictional Reality ( ):
  1. FR 12 - 20 Questions: Excelsior
  2. FR 09 - 20 Questions: Excelsior
  3. FR 17 - Battle Report Firstborn vs Crystal Lotus Elves
  4. FR 10 - Battle Report Devout vs Firstborn
  5. FR 04 - Battle Report Devout vs Elven
  6. FR 00 - Terrain in Warzone and Chronopia
  7. FR 09 - Scythe Worms - Fan unit


Play material:
  1. Templates
  2. Chronopia Battle Sheet from User Rorik36
  3. Swamp Goblin Unit Cards
  4. Stygian Unit Cards in Standard card Size
  5. New Covers for Unit Cards from User Bryan Gray
  6. Chronopia Force Stats for Unit Cards from User Rorik Eiriksson

from Target Games:
  1. Archives #1 - old product catalog

from Excelsior Entertainment:
  1. Product List
  2. Cerulean Mists Content Guide
  3. Sculpting - Excelsior Style
  4. RPG Stats from Firstborn Crossbowmen
  5. Chronopia Background
  6. Unearthed Arcana - Excelsior Newsletter
  7. Information about the Crusader program

from Paradox Entertainment:
  1. Commissioned Research Report 2006

by Chronopia Fans:
  1. Product list with Scans from Catalogues, Archives and more by Farid
  2. Resin Copy Guide
  3. Resin Copy Guide (PDF Version)
  4. Guide to individualise your armies - by Warrior Prince

by Chronopia World:
  1. Old Chronopia World Homepage as Offline Version - 600mb File (Last Version: 05.04.2008)


from paul skyborn:
chronicles new era somebody pleeeeaaaaaseee!
from Armand:
File Sons of Cronos army-book is impossible to open (by Acrobat Reader). How to open it?
from czaki:
2ed is broken file. Please, help me, I need 2 ed rulebook -->
from Coki:
In the test,the downloads 2nd Edition and SoK are ok.
from Metal_Oida:
Hey Guys o/ Just wanted to bow before you and say THANKS for keeping Chronopia alive. After so many years I "googled" (better use duckduckgo^^) Chronopia and saw that Chr. D-Land is still there. AWESOME. Just d/led some stuff. Keep on the good community work.
from John:
Thank you so much Chronopiaworld for keeping this going. I'm going to post my figures soon on the forums.
from Can't Register:
Doesn't anyone know why you can't register for the forums anymore? Is there anyway to register?
from Pierzasty:
Your "Long campaigns" link is broken (it is the same as the file above by AKA).
from Coki:
Thx :). The link is fixed. - Greetings, Coki
from Metal_Oida:
Hi Guys! I was decluttering and I´ve decided to get rid of some of my Chronopia and Warzone Minis. Unfortunately I cannot register on your forum... this would make communication much easier. If you´re interested.... I have a goblin warchariot, goblin blademasters, elven archers and axemen,some trenchers (including the sniper), regulars (plastic), wolfbanes, pathfinders, warhounds, mourning wolves, modded wolfriders (selfcreated unit) and some heroes... data-j-velATgmxDOTnet so long...
from regalrick:
Hi Metal_Oida!I am interested in your Minis but I can't register either
from Metal_Oida:
btw... have a look at and search Chronopia or Warzone
from regalrick:
Hi Doompup.I am interested in your S.O.K but I can't register so I can't PM you
from Dreadaxe:
HG_Chronopia_Point_System.pdf the url is with img and not pic
from Coki:
Thanks. Is fixed.
from Cy:
Core rules 2nd ed not working
from Coki:
Thanks. Is fixed.
from veterano:
Excellent compilation on Chronopia . Anxious to recover my elves. Thx from Spain.
from Rackshaw:
Like Metal_Oida I am decluttering and I too have MANY miniatures I am looking to liquidate. I have units from pretty much all the armies and if painted could field hundreds of units. Anyone know the best place to liquidate them?
from Kay:
Hey, Rackshaw, either go to a good FLGS that knows stuff, or stick to ebay. And if you have some Firstborn Crossbowmen, I'd happily take some!
from Redman:
Rackshaw if you have any Stygian or Sons of Kronos I'd be happy to purchase them!
from KirpichDor:
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from strcondex18ch3:
Chronopia shall rise again! Thanks for the great site.
from aterr#70:
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