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Nightwalker Ezekielīs Stronghold

Author: Michael Emminger Đ 1999

This picture was rescue from the "Nightwalker Ezekielīs Stronghold" Website.

The Miniatures (so Far) from Michael Emminger

Nightwalker Ezekiel himself - in all his glory.

Maceman Standard Bearer - I really like this mini and Iīm pretty happy with my painting job.

Small Macemen Warband - The first Chronopia models I painted. The Macemen may be a bit weak in the game but their picture in the Rulebook convinced me to play Firstborn. They rock.

Greatswordsmen - Another very dynamic fig. That sword looks really nasty.

The Cursed - My first fully painted Devout warband. After I had gazed upon the picture of the mighty Tormented in the rulebook the thought of playing Devout had entered my mind and these guys were the final step it took to make that thought become reality.

Pictures sent to Michael Emminger

Repulsar Knight-front by Darknight. DK kindly sent me this picture of his first fully painted Chronopia figure and he did a damn good paint job.

Repulsar Knight-front by Darknight. Proof that the dreaded Firstborn chessboard pattern can indeed look stunning if done correctly. Way to go DK.

Nameless by Khadgar. The rider has been painted with the standard colour scheme. But for the mount Khadgar used a deep shade of purple (as opposed to the "official" pinkish one) which looks quite good.

Nameless by Khadgar. The backside of the above model.

Warped Lord by Khadgar. The best thing here is not the actual model (which has been painted OK) but the stone it stands next to on which Khad has drawn a cool looking stag.

Sons of Kronos by Marty Woods. A very nicely painted Sons of Kronos Wyrd accompanied by a Blade Maiden Leader in all her glory.

Damned by Marty Woods. Doing this one in the traditional green skin colour, Marty has done an excellent job on the shading and highlighting of its muscels.

Judge by Marty Woods. And another great figure by Marty. What more can I say?


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