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Repulsar Knight´s - View of the Realm

Author: Kenn Harvey © 1999

Following pictures was rescued from the old Website "Repulsar Knight´s" (http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Chasm/).



Flying Dragonbane!


Battle picture

Firstborn Enlightened
Painted by Mary Steed

Devout Stalker
Painted by Tim Steed

Enlightened VS Stalker

FirstBorn Judge
Painted by Mary Steed

Crystal Elves VS Devout both armies painted by
Tim Steed

Crystal Elves VS Devout

Myself (Kenn Harvey)

....Andy Ruprecht

...Andy, Phil Chronister (in burgandy hat) and onlooker

Stalker VS Enlightened and Dwarf
Dwarves painted by Randy Lindeman

Crystal Elves and Enlightened

FirstBorn VS Devout
FirstBorn painted by Randy Stricker

FirstBorn Defenders of the Watch Towers await the Invading Devout.

Firstborn VS Devout

Firstborn VS Devout

Firstborn VS Devout

Game Over! A lone Elven Axeman and an Enlightened claim victory at game end while several confused Devout skeletons look on.


Elven Victory
Survivors Few!

My Crystal Elven Axeman prepares to behead a Devout Warped Lord.

Devout VS Dwarven defenders

Devout VS Dwarves

Devout GreatSwordsmen, Cursed and Harbinger advance!

Devout Dusk Realm Demon VS Dwarves

Devout Harbinger VS FirstBorn Enlightened

Watch Tower with Dwarven base

Dwarves on the Attack!


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