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Iron Wolf Legion

Army from Stefan "Ruther" Schmidt. Member from Excelsior Painting Contest 2005.

A. Introduce yourself and how you came to play Chronopia (in various incarnations)
My name is Stefan Schmidt. Chronopia was my start into the World of Wargaming. The great Artwork and the Dark Fantasy setting of Chronopia hooked me up very fast. I started to collect a Blackblood Army as the oriental fluff and background was very innovative. Since that time Chronopia is my favorite Fantasy Tabletopsystem. I love the simple game mechanics, combined with complex strategic possibilitys the game offers. Some years later i discoverd Warzone 2nd and since than its my other favorite TT-System. Over the years (even after the fall of Target Games) i collected more Armys, to be able to play different styles and tactics (and to provide Armys for friends wich wanted to test the game). So today i have, besides my still favorite Blackbloods, medium to big sized forces of Firstborn, Sons of Kronos, Stygian, Elves and Devout. If all goes like planed, my new Swamp Goblin Army should reach me in the middle of Febuary (thx to the great new models wich came out latly, i couldnt resist to play them).

B. Present your army list
Army: Iron Wolf Legion (total 20 figure, 799 points)
Individuals: 1x Repulsar Knight; 1x Repulsar Knight Marksman; 1x Chronomancer + Second Chance
Close Combat Warbands: 1x Swordsmen (4x Swordmen, Leader, Standardbearer + Standard of Concealment, Greatswordman); 1x Black Sisters (4x Black Sisters, Leader)
Missile Warbands: 1x Longbowmen (4x Longbowmen, Leader)

C. Describe your army and why you chose that particular faction.
I like the way the Firstborn Army is played. A lot depends on the choice of the Indivuals and the right Unit to group them with.They also provide great flexibility in their range of Individuals, Special Abilitys and Units to choose from.This makes every game a unique experince. Another good reasons is that i have still a huge continggent of them unpainted and its really time they get some paint.

D. Write the fluff surrounding your army
The Last Stand

The sun was slowly rising over the abandoned northern grasslands. Its first rays plunged the top of a hill that overlooked the dark plains. There was a tall man standing at the top of that hill. He was clothed in iron and steel, one hand holding a huge poleaxe, the other wrapped around a golden helmet. This helmet revealed his identity, as the sign of the Repulsar Knight Order was engraved on it. He stood there like a statue of iron; even the cold northwind didnīt seem to bother him. His keen eyes watched southwards. It looked like he was searching for something only he could see.

Garek shook his head, there was no sign of the requested reinforcements. It seemed the nightwalker he had sent out with his message had not made it through the enemy territory. After some time, he turned around and his eyes met the part of the plain that was still untouched of the rising sun. Not far from the bottom of the hill, in the shadows he saw movement. He cursed, realizing the cause of it. They were already close, too close. Not even 3 miles away, the rotten army of death and decay was assembling. They were getting ready to storm the last foothold of his unit. The lonely hill could not provide shelter for the humans any longer.

He thought about what Rhal, his second in command, told him when he came back from his scout mission two days ago. There was an endless horde of followers of the darkone, some already dead, some still alive. They marched night and day without suffering from fatigue. They didnīt knew any fear as they only lived to kill for their dark master and their spiked, rusty weapons promised a long and painful death. A dark cloud seemed to hover over that dark army. Rhal told him that this were swarms of carrion birds. They were feasting from the corpses of the followers, who were too weak to march any further, before they got re-animated into dreadful skelleton warriors. Even Rhal, a battle hardened Repulsar Marksman, had a shaking in his voice when he reported back to his commander.

He overlooked the situation a last time and than came to a desicion. There wasnīt any chance of escape, his men were tired and worn out. If he drove them any farther they wouldnīt even be able to make a last stand. It was best to face the enemy here and now. The hill provided a superior postion for defense with the sun in the back and they would fight an enemy that had to charge upwards with the sun right in their eyes. A smile appeared on his face for a second, as he remembered a speech by his old instructor at the royal war academy. "We all die sometimes, but some men get the possibility to meet death on their own conditions. Make it a good fight then." He had preferred not to be one of them right now.

"All men to arms!" Garek shouted while he walked back to his encampment some yards below the top. His men looked tired and weary as they took up their weapons. His subcommanders gathered around him. He gave them a short summary of the situation. "We have to make our last stand here, we will no longer run!" With these words he closed his speech. They nodded quietly; there wasnīt much more to say.

With a few commands his troops assembled into a battle formation. The longbowmen took the first line to harrass the enemy with missilefire while he was climbing up. Behind them, the swordmen lined up, building a wall of iron; the standardbearer and the leader on the right. Gaius, a veteran of many battles, with his two-handed sword covering the left. The right flank was guarded by a huge rock, towering several meters into the sky. On the left flank, which was the most opposed one, his own bodyguards, the fearless Black Sisters, took postion. With a wild glance in their eyes these blademaiden were ready to sell their lives dearly. He knew this flank wouldnt fall untill death had taken these menacing warriors. At the hilltop Rahl was readying his precious composite bow. He carefully attached the chord and took a couple of arrows from his quiver. He spiked them into the earth in front of him. Having prepared his deadly tools, he looked down the hillside to see if his markers were still in place. They would help him to measure the distance to his prey. As their eyes met, Garek knew he was ready. Master Ark took his Powertaff up and gathered behind the Swordmenline to give them magical support.

Only 10 minutes after his first shout, the Iron Wolf Legion was ready for battle.

The Devout had finally gathered and started to slowly move toward the hilltop. He closed the visor of his helmet and tightened the grip on his weapon. The Longbowmen readied their Bows.

It was time.

His battle cry rose over the ranks of his waiting men ...

... "For the King, For the Legion" ...

... and the battle began.

E. Describe - if possible, roughly where you got your minis and approx. cost
I bought my whole Firstborn Army about 4 years ago in a big e-bay Army Deal for about 1/2 of the actual price.


Missile Warbands


Close Combat Warbands


Black Sisters
Black Sisters
Black Sisters
Black Sisters


Repulsar Knight
Repulsar Knight

Repulsar Knight Marksman
Repulsar Knight Marksman



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