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Warriors of the Eternal Realm Painting Contest

Author: Wedge © 2005


Yep folks you guessed it! Another painting contest, but this one is for our other favorite game: Chronopia!

I borrowed the following format for the contest from Dentatus´ Warzone Patrol Contest so it should look familiar to you. I simply changed what he had written to fit the current contest--thanks Dentatus (I always give credit where credit is due

This contest has already been approved and given the green light by the big man himself. As the event organizer I am not competing in the competition for prizes but I will be submitting an army... mainly because my primed Stygian are screaming at me for some color! I hope my army will serve as an inspiration to others to get those brushes and paints out and give your favorite army some color. Death to all the Legions of Silver!

Here are the rules:


START DATE: February 1st, 2005

INTENT: What better way to kick yourself in the backside and get those awesome Chronopia miniatures on your shelf all painted up and ready for battle? Each participant will design an army from Chronopia and paint each model to the best of their ability to be displayed online and voted on by a panel of judges. Accolades and Prize support are forthcoming. Thom has given his blessing on the project, so expect more news to follow regarding this contest.

RULES: Please read through all of the rules carefully.

1. All models in your army must be Excelsior Entertainment miniatures - period.
2. Proxy models are allowed as long as the model or unit type in question is still unavailable for purchase. However, you must first get permission from the event organizer to use the model in question. This contest is meant to showcase Excelsior Entertainment’s range of miniatures and the Realm of Chronopia. Miniatures from competing companies are strictly forbidden. Conversions and modifications are allowed to fill in the gaps of your army where a sculpt in currently unavailable. For example: if you wanted to paint Dragon Skull Warriors you could purchase and convert several Elf Swordsmen to fit the bill. As long as the conversion-proxy resembles what you are trying to display then you are allowed to do so, but remember to get permission first.
3. For a participant’s army to be considered for final judging and be eligible for prizes, all models in the Chronopia army must be painted to a tabletop standard. It is important to note that YOU should paint all miniatures in your force. There is no way to police this factor, but we are trusting in your integrity as a gamer to present models painted with your own individual talent.
4. Your Warriors of the Eternal Realm Army must be 800 points or less. Try to get your army as close to 800 points as possible; pretend you are going to be participating in a tournament with this army when you have completed it. You certainly wouldn’t want to short-change yourself, so make it as close to 800 points as possible.
5. Fluff for your army is highly encouraged but not required. To motivate you to create some sort of story behind your army I will try and arrange a prize for best army fluff.
6. There is no rule 6.
7. You must have fun during this competition!

1. The project is designed to stretch over the course of three months: February through April.
2. Each month, participants are expected to post a brief description and pictures of a painted section of their force. The deadline for this is the last day of the month at midnight PST. Here is the monthly posting schedule:
February: Close Combat Warbands
March: Missile Warbands (or more Close Combat Warbands if the army does not contain Missile Warbands)
April: Individuals
NOTE: If you don´t have individuals or Missile Warbands in your army, simply split up your Warbands evenly over the three month time frame.

3. Please keep posts as concise as possible and pictures (1 or 2 per post) cropped to proper size to save server space. Remember to only use the pictures that are in focus and in proper lighting. Displaying the best pictures of your miniatures will allow the judges to better judge your talents!
4. Competition entry is open through February 28th. After February 28th, no new entries will be allowed—no exceptions. You will have to wait for the next one. It is important to note that anyone who enters on the 28th will also have to post pictures of their Close Combat Warbands on the same day to meet the first deadline of the competition. As you can see it would be wise to sign up and get started painting early.

1. Best Painted – simply put, the participant who demonstrates true artistic talent with his paints and brushes will win this category.
2. Best Army Composition – the participant who creates a truly unique and challenging force will win this category.
3. Best Visual Display – the participant whose army demonstrates an overall visual impact that make the judges say, "Ooh, that’s cool!" will win this category (consider the terrain used, the final army picture, overall visual impact of the paint jobs, and physical layout/display as factors).
4. Best Fluff – the participant who writes the most interesting/intriguing/humorous/amazing (whatever the case may be) fluff will win this category.
5. Best Overall - the participant who excels in all four categories of the competition mentioned above has the best chance to win the overall category.

The final judging for each category will be based on the objective opinions of a panel of five judges. Each Judge has one vote. If for some reason a tie exists in any category, the judges with cast a second weighted vote to determine a final winner of the category. There will not be a poll vote for any part of this competition.

NOTE: The names of the Judges will be revealed when the final results are posted.

EVENT ORGANIZER: Troy Thompson (Wedge)

EXCLUSION FROM COMPETITION: Only judges are excluded from competing in this competition. Crusaders and employees of Excelsior Entertainment are allowed to compete in this competition.

PRIZES: So far, Thom has informed me that Armorcast will be providing prize support for this contest, and hopefully more sponsors will join in. We can always hope that Thom might further up the anty by letting us "design" a new Chronopia character! Right Thom?


Yes folks, the moment you have been waiting patiently for has finally arrived. Your judges in this contest were (in no particular order): CKGeist, Anubis31, Coil, Wedge, and Thom.

The results of the contest were widespread and varied. Some people won their categories unanimously, while the tightest race was acutally in the OVERALL category! Congratulations to all the winners.

In no particular order...

BEST ARMY COMPOSITION: KIAO´s "Explorer of the Horned Ones" Dwarf Army
BEST DISPLAY: Morfdoggs´ Stygian Army lead by "Scarnek the Great Warrior"
BEST FLUFF: Ruther´s Firstborn "Iron Wolf Legion" Army
BEST PAINTED: mwda´s Blackblood "Firstblood" Army

and finally... *drum roll*

BEST OVERALL: mwda´s Blackblood "Firstblood" Army

Congratulations to everyone who participated and a special congratulations to all the winners! I would like to thank the judges for their time and attention in helping make this contest fun and fair.

And finally to the contestants, once I get a heads up from Thom on the possible prizes I will make those announcements as well.

Thanks again, and I hope everyone had a good time with this project.



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