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The Dark Vail of Aleha

Author: Dan Morfenski 2005

Army from Dan Morfenski. Member from Excelsior Painting Contest 2005.

A. Introduce yourself and how you came to play Chronopia (in various incarnations)
Hello I am Dan Morfenski,I have been playing Chronopia since 1st Edition. My friend got me into it and our local gamin store was a big supporter. Then one day the clerk who ran the shop desided to ban it because he didnt like the game.Even know he played. So i started a group of basement dwelling players. At one time I had players of all the armys but now I own them all. I am a loyal follower of the Firstborn and the belief of the One King as the living god, they were my first pick and usally the only army i play. I Have recentley started playing the SOK due to there tactical challenges. I was losing hope in the game when Excelsior came around but there new balanced system brrougght the game back for me and some friends. Me and my brother are workin on opening our own shop soon so we can play anytime we want and also to let ppl dust off there minis and enjoy the game like we all used to.

B. Present your army list
Army: The Dark Vail of Aleha (799pt)
8 assorted Risen (2x Dwarf, 2x Elf, 2x Firstborn, 2x Blackblood)
4 Swordsmen Followers

1 Swordsmen Leader
1 Swordsmen Musician (Horn of Darkness)

4 Forgotten

1 Soulflayer
1 Tormented
1 Necromancer(quicken undead, raise undead)

C. Describe your army and why you chose that particular faction.
Evil is always cool, but being a FB player i really never played any other army but the Devout being the hated evil baddies they are is just a awesome army.
The army is built to be just plain scary.With a Soulflayer and Tormented in the mix this should will definitly accomplish that.The Forgotten are equally as scary with there vorpal swords and killing stroke, I had debated wether to take swords man or great swordsmen an ended up taking the lower point cost. Aleha is a big fan of the risen so to complete the theme i had to throw some undead in there, as well as for missle cover. and what is a Dark force with out a Necromancer to make the undead move a little faster.

D. Write the fluff surrounding your army
Stationed at Alehas dark fortrice, the Dark Vail of Aleha are sent to do the most unholy of tasks assassinations, corruption, total anialation. Hand picked from the swelling ranks of the Devout Aleha choose her evil battilion, corrupt and evil in only a way an evil queen could love. The Vail takes no prisoners and leaves none alive to speak of them, they pass as shadows thourghout the land of Chronopia unstopped or unmatched by any.

E. Describe - if possible, roughly where you got your minis and approx. cost
Well the majority of my army was my friend Leroys we had purchased our armys from our local gaming store. The risen were bought from Excelsior store, and my Soulflayer was bought from the acursed Newwave. I paid a total of $75 for the entire army (over 2000 pts in minis).


Close Combat Warbands

Risen (2x Dwarf, 2x Elf, 2x Firstborn, 2x Blackblood)


Swordsmen Followers
Swordsmen Followers
Swordsmen Followers
Swordsmen Followers


All individuals
All individuals





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