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Los Esclavos del Muerte

Author: Coldthunder © 2005

Army from Dennis "Coldthunder" Moler. Member from Excelsior Painting Contest 2005.

A. Introduce yourself and how you came to play Chronopia (in various incarnations)
Hello! My name is Dennis but most of you know me as Coldthunderd. I got into Chronopia, after some convincing and playing with my friends, in the 1990’s when target had first brought it to our local game store. Since then I have compared it with many different games and it still ranks among my top three favorites.

B. Present your army list
Army: Los Esclavos del Muerte 797pt
First Born "Los Cazadores del Rey" Risen Warriors #8
First Born "Los Cazadores del Rey" Risen Warriors #8
Dwarf "Golden Guard" Risen Warriors #8
The Nameless
Necromancer with 2 spells

C. Describe your army and why you chose that particular faction.
I created this army with a particular on going scenario in mind. This is part of the army that will be attacking the walls of Heavens Gate as a distraction of the forces of the city and to keep them pined from summoning help.

D. Write the fluff surrounding your army
As the Warp Lords were gathering in the war council chambers to develop a plan of attack, a low rumble of marching silenced the room. Suddenly the door opened and in through a cloud of dust stepped a Necromancer leader of Los Esclavos del Muerte. He slowly approached the table and began to speak. "The Great One has shown me a way to aid you in your noble quest to replace our King to the Thrown of Chronopia." The Necromancer continued, "What you lack is an army to keep the city guard occupied while each of you complete your individual tasks, and the Great One has helped to supply that army." As he finished his offer to aid in their quest he slowly walked back to the door, opening it he said, "Behold the fabled army Los Cazadores del Rey."

E. Describe - if possible, roughly where you got your minis and approx. cost
I have picked up many of my figures from Local game stores, Ebay, and Excelsior’s on line store, where these came from. The total cost was $90.03.


Close Combat Warbands

Firstborn Risen Swordsmen
Firstborn Risen Swordsmen Troop 1

Firstborn Risen Swordsmen
Firstborn Risen Swordsmen Troop 2

Dwarven Risen Swordsmen
Dwarven Risen Swordsmen Troop





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