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The Factions:
Blackblood Devout Dwarven
Elven Firstborn Sons of Kronos
Stygian Swamp Goblins  
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The Firstblood

Author: mwda © 2005

Army from mwda. Member from Excelsior Painting Contest 2005.

A. Introduce yourself and how you came to play Chronopia (in various incarnations)
Hi, I started collecting Chronopia just about 2 months ago. I extremely love fantasy world and miniatures wargaming. After years to find out which is my best bet, I choose Chronopia as my main miniatures game. I like the background and figures of Chronopia. Although Firstborn is always my favourite faction but this time I want to try a more brutal army, so I play Blackblood. Since I am still a newbie to this game and I am not a good strategist, so please forgive me if you find my battle force is not well constructed.

B. Present your army list
Army: The Firstblood (Total 17 figures, 798pts)
1 Ogre Myrmadon Bull Cavalry
1 Orc Alchemists
1 Troll

CC Warband:
2 Ogre Heavy Infantry, Leader
4 Orc Swordsmen, Greatswordsman, Leader

Missile Weapon Warband:
4 Orc Assault Warrior, Leader

C. Describe your army and why you chose that particular faction.
I like the big one, so I drop Goblins from my Blackblood force. I want more activation and more different type of figures in my battle force, so I field each warband with the minimal number of members if I can. Because this is my first time joining a painting contest, I choose a lot of high point costs model such as Ogre and Troll. This will make my force fewer models to paint.

D. Write the fluff surrounding your army
A very strong Ogre riding on Mymadon leading his soldier to raid the nearby Firstborn’s village.
He raises his long spear and shouts, "Kill them all!"

E. Describe - if possible, roughly where you got your minis and approx. cost
I got this mini from online store around US$65. Except this Blackblood warband, I have bought some Firstborn, Dwarves and Elves. Sons of Kronos, Devout and Stygian will be my next purchase.


Close Combat Warbands

The Close Combat Warbands
The Close Combat Warbands

Orc Swordsmen
Orc Swordsmen
Orc Swordsmen

Ogre Heavy Infantry
Ogre Heavy Infantry
Ogre Heavy Infantry

Missile Weapon Warband

Orc Assault Warrior
Orc Assault Warrior


All individuals
All individuals

Orc Alchemist

Ogre Myrmadon Bull Cavalry
Ogre Myrmadon Bull Cavalry
Ogre Myrmadon Bull Cavalry



800 point army
800 point army

2000 point army
2000 point army


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