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Painting tips for Blackbloods

Author: Firstborn Canuck 1998 (Posted on the Target Webboard July 24, 1998)

Brown based flesh tones

in reply to a request for painting tips from Rob the Troll :

Well, since Im in the middle of painting my second troll and my 2 Ripper Beasts your question is quite timely. Ive tried a whole pile of different colours on my various Blackbloods starting with the standard Citadel paints (Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather like the one pictured on my site) and now Ive switched to Polly S. I am absolutely sold on Polly S now. The results I got on my Myrmadon just blew me away. Now, what I am using for browns are the following (dark to light):

501427 Ogre Dk. Brown
500064 Dk. Earth Brown
500065 Mil. Med. Brown
500063 Desert Lt. Brown
and for really light highlights :
501414 Gnome Gray/Brown

I put a solic coat of the Ogre Dark Brown on all the flesh, then hand paint the earth brown on all the raised areas. Then I drybrush the Mil Med Brown on the highest areas. Finally if you want to go the extra mile you can lightly touch up the topmost spots with the lighter Desert Brown of Gnome Gray/Brown.

As you can see, there are a bunch of colours here and you can pick the ones most appropriate for you. If you want a lighter final paintjob start at the Earth Brown or med Brown. In fact, for my Ripper Beasts Im starting with Med Brown and working up to the gray while I did their Goblin Riders starting with the darker Ogre Brown so the beast is quite a bit lighter than the rider.

For their eyes I started trying to do red eyes like in the pictures but it wasnt standing out enough. I now put a back line in the eye socket and then add a small dot or line of Citadel Fiery Orange - looks way better. I did the Goblins on my Myrmadon this way. Ill have pics of it up in 3 or 4 days on the website as well as shots of the Alchemist and Ripper Beasts Im just finishing for you to see how it worked out.

I still have a ton of the old citadel paints around and will use that here and there as well, I like the Beastial Brown for leather straps and such for example and I still use their washes a lot.

A friend of mine skips all that and just gets cheap craft acrylic paints from Michaels (chain of craft shops here in the states). They have whole racks of the stuff in bottles 5 times the size of a Citadel or Poly S pot for 99 cents with all kinds of colours availble. Matched up with some select paints from Polly S and Citadel and you have all the bases covered. I myself like to use those paints for doing all my terrain because you get so much of it for cheap....

Hope my rambling helps,


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