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Necromancer conversion

Author: Alxbates 2007

Here are some pictures of my Devout Necromancer conversion:

He's converted from an OOP Reaper undead priest guy and the Chronopia Necromancer. I love the idea of the Necromancer in the game, but I never liked the figure. Too small, flat, and unassuming for a command character in the game. This one is mounted doubly, on a 25mm round base on top of a 40mm round base. The paint job is *NOT* finished, but the pictures show off the conversion and the direction I'm going with the paint fairly well.

I finally got a digital camera of my own, and I've been experimenting with taking pictures... I'll be posting pics of my Chronopia stuff in the next couple of days. I'd love to hear what you all think!



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