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Axe-Horn Warrior
Axe-Horn Warrior
The Dwarves are the most tragic of races, but their tragedy is the very foundation of their iron will. The Dwarves once lived among their gods. Noble and strong, The Dwarven pantheon led the clans in the early days and used their powers to create the vast Ringholds the Dwarves inhabit. Tragedy struck during the many conflicts that occurred in the years following the One King´s death. The clans split, each attempting to gain supremacy of the others. During this turmoil, the Jackal Clan sought power by turning to the Dark One. Using their hellborn sorcery, the Jackals tried to destroy the Gods of the opposing clans and turn them to the Devout. They created what became known as the Wilding. Raw energy coursed through all the Ringholds bringing about a terrible transformation in their gods. All but the most primitive intelligence left them, as they became twisted and animalistic. For a while they fought their own people - until the Dwarves pushed them back, deep into the pits of the Ringholds. Dwarven Shamen traced the origin of the Wilding to the Jackals and a terrible war of retribution followed. Many of the Jackals were brutally killed, but many more escaped into the shadows, hiding until the Great Purge when they joined the Dark Prophets on the Dead March, becoming one at last with their demonic kin.
Following the Wilding, Dwarven society was crushed and dispirited. Since the dawn of creation they had lived as one with their founders and now they lived in fear of them. The other races seized their opportunity and attacked, pressing many of the Dwarves from their birth-grounds and deep into the Ringholds. It was a time when the Elven Duke Valymir betrayed the Dragon Clan, killing their leaders and seizing control of their home. For decades, the Dwarves were fighting defensive wars against the other races and their own bestial gods. For decades, it looked like they were doomed to extinction. Then came Kahlin Cagn. Overlord of the island based Dark-Tusks, named after the dark skinned god who once led them, Kahlin Cagn was a veteran of many wars and had fought against the One King´s forces centuries before. He ventured below the Holds and confronted the fallen gods of his clan. He tamed the beasts, returning to the surface with them by his side just as Elven forces were launching what would have been a decisive attack. Blood covering his body, an eye missing, he managed to find the faintest glimmers of memory in the ferocious creatures and reminded them of their connection to the Dark-Tusks. The Dwarven beasts, the like of which had never before been seen, decimated the Elves. In the months following, Kahlin Cagn became the first of the Keepers, Dwarven Shamen trained from birth to watch over their bestial gods. To breed and care for them - to unleash them on their enemies.
Now, almost a century later, all the surviving clans have Keepers and Beasts. Five clans have risen to prominence, but many others still exist within their Ringholds. The Dark-Tusks are by far the most powerful and their island home has never been successfully invades. The Wolf Clan, divided into two - Black and Grey, have claimed the most outstanding military victories against the Dark Prophets´ forces - although in recent years their fortunes have lessened and their struggle grown far more defensive. The Horned Ones have made a temporary truce with the Elves to fight their common foe - The Devout. The Bloodbone have, likewise, made an uneasy pact with the Firstborn to concentrate their struggle against the Devout. While the Vulture Clan still swear allegiance to the Dwarven Overlords, they are also more willing to give their service to anyone with enough gold to buy it. The clans all have different ways and different codes . All that is certain is the sight of their armies raging into battle, their war-beasts, often called blood-totems, by their side, is one all races of the world dread.


Close Combat Individuals: Keeper
Missile Weapon Individuals: Fire Thrower Team

Vulture Clan: Blood Totem, Crossbowmen, Impaler, Legion, Mallet Warriors, Marksmen, Talon Lord
Dark-Tusk Clan: Blood Totem, Dark-Axe Warrior, Dark-Star Warrior, Dark-Tusked Raider, Hero, Legion
Blood-Bone Clan: Axemen, Blood Totem, Flayers, Mauler, Legion, Tunnel Fighter, Warhammers
Wolf Clan: Axe Warriors, Blood Totem, Desert Wolf Warriors, Legion, Scavenger, Scout Warriors
Horned Ones Clan: Axe-Horn Warriors, Blood Totem, Horned Ones Raiders, Horn-Skull Champion, Legion, Spearmen, Warshields, War Torkha
Dragon Clan: Order of Vengeance Dragon Singer, Order of Vengeance Warriors


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