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The Factions:
Blackblood Devout Dwarven
Elven Firstborn Sons of Kronos
Stygian Swamp Goblins  
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Swamp Goblins

Shaman on Drone
Shaman on Drone
Life in the Fallen Land revolves around two things; the Gourd Cities and the Yellow Lotus. The Gourd Cities are the vast trees in which the strongest tribes make their homes. The Yellow lotus flower affects every aspect of Swamp Goblin life. This potent herb is used in everything from cooking and medicinal remedies to the perparation of poisons and the potions used by the Swamp Goblin Shamen.

The Swamp Goblins are a war-like race but they do not fight for personal gain like so many of the other races. Their wars are territorial and essential to the survival of their race. The constant shifting of territory keeps knowledge of the jungle fluid, which is vital in a world where ignorance and stagnation are an invitation to death.

All the Tribes are composed of the same type of warriors and the design of their armor and weapons is also the same. The color and markings of this armor differs greatly however. In centuries past the Goblins made use of body parts from the giant insects in the jungle and now, even though they follow traditional designs, they forge their armaments from copper, gold and steal. The skillful blacksmiths impregnate the steel with pigments from the crushed carapaces of the giant insects. This gives the arms and armor of the Swamp Goblins a glazed iridescence that is both beautiful and distinctive to each tribe.

The main body of their armies is made up of spearmen. The light spearmen tend to be young warriors, while the heavy spearmen are older veterans who have survived many a campaign. They attack in concerted groups and use their chitin spears and shields with skill.

When and how a Swamp Goblin tribe will attack is decided by the Elder Shamen. These learned individuals commune with the Spirit World and guide the tribe with the wisdom they learn there.


Close Combat Warbands: Headhunters, Heavy Spearmen, Hunting Spiders, Mantis Guard, Spearmen, Webmasters
Missile Weapon Warbands: Drone Warriors, Blowpipers
Close Combat Individuals: Headhunter Champion, Mantis Guard Champion, Novice Shaman, Sentinel, Shaman, Swamp Fiend


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