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Desert Crusader

Faction: Firstborn

The One King knew conventional knights would be limited in their usefulness, under the harsh sun and driving winds of the Land of Two Rivers. Fighting the Stygian menace is difficult enough without knights dropping from heat-stroke, their bodies baking slowly within their own cumbersome armor. It became the task of the Imperial Armory to deal with this situation. It became the task of the One King’s War Master to develop troops that could compete in this hellish environment. Thus, the first of the Desert Legions was born.

Dressing in gossamer clothing that allows both protections from the sun and sand as well as improved air flow, donning helmets whose filters protect their eyes and lungs from wind driven sands, and wearing a thinner, less heat-conducive armor, the Desert Crusaders are the first and most visible members of the Desert Legions. Initially warriors selected to the post of Desert Crusader are those that would benefit from the discipline the cruel desert teaches. However, dozens now apply each year to join this honorable band of brothers.

Their lives are difficult and they face a menace the likes of which no one has seen before, a creature which sprang directly from their nightmares. Though they have many personal freedoms and allowances, the cruel world in which they live forces upon them a measure of grudging honor, interdependence and control. They fight for their King and for their continued freedom and they know that each of their actions directly affects the lives of their brothers. It is a harsh lesson in responsibility but the Crusaders bear it well. Their saying, “The desert is harsh so we must take our pleasures while we may” may sound like a license to act as they see fit and become less disciplined, but this could not be more opposite of the truth.

While the Desert Crusaders began as a less prestigious warrior group, today, they are the protectors of the Kingdoms sun-drenched boarders and hailed as heroes.

Desert Crusader
Desert Crusader
© 1999 Target Games

Desert Crusader Leader
© 1999 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Desert Crusader (4 - 8) Costs: 27
118-12 2144 15-32
Desert Crusader Leader (1) Costs: 29
128-13 2144 15-42

Special Rules:
- Desert Crusaders each have the Hide Special Ability but only when fighting in a Desert Climate.
- Desert Warrior
- Desert Crusaders and Leaders are each armed with a Straightsword and Shield.



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