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Iron Guard

Faction: Firstborn

In the armies of the Firstborn, there are no knights as quickly recognized as the Iron Guard. They are the core of the One King’s Internal Army, the watchers and guardians of his will. Following the great betrayal by so many of their numbers during the Heresy, the Iron Guard suffered a disgrace they are still trying to recover from, still seeking ways to wash the blood from their collective hands. Members of the iron Guard are driven to achieve all the knightly virtues professed by the One King. Regardless of why one has joined the iron Guard, the end result is the same- a vast legion of dedicated soldiers and patriots.

Training constantly, the Iron Guard forswears any familial obligations before those of their King, dedicating their lives to his service and the protection of his people. Membership into the Guard occurs by birth, as few even today request admission to this post. In other cases, knights who are getting white of hair are retired from the field to supervise the Iron Guard Legions within the Kingdom.

The majority of the One King’s Expeditionary Armies are comprised of other war bands with the Iron Guard only sparingly deployed. The reason for this is simply that the defense of the Firstborn cities falls under their direct jurisdiction. Dozens to hundreds of Iron Guard can be found in the cities of the Firstborn, standing watch against their enemies, ever vigilant against invasion.

Iron Guard
Iron Guard
© 1998 Target Games

Desert Crusader Leader
© 1998 Target Games

Concept Art
Concept Art

3D Model
© 2022 Uhrwerk-Verlag

3D Model
© 2022 Uhrwerk-Verlag

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Iron Guard (4 - 6) Costs: 42
138-14 2143 21-32
Iron Guard Standard Bearer (0 - 1) Costs: 39
138-14 2143 21-32
Iron Guard Leader (1) Costs: 44
148-15 2143 21-42

Special Rules:
- Steadfast
- Shield Wall
- Iron Guardsmen and Leader are each armed with Broad Bladed Spears and a Warschield.
- Iron Guard Standard Bearers are each armed with a Broad Bladed Spear, Warshield and may purchase a Standard.

Broad Bladed SpearCC--ST+7


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