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Article print

The Burning Blades

Faction: Firstborn

The specialized group of Untamed have taken on a unique life spending nearly all of their time outside their sacred lands. In the service of the One King, they have dedicated themselve to his missions and serve him in every capacity. Theirs´ is difficult life away from the lands of their birth and the tribes of their people but they have found a compromise in the lands of the Firstborns and like the Blach Sisters, have earned a place of trust in the One King service.

Armed with Fireswords from which they have taken their name, the Burning Blades are a shocking sight on the battlefield. Surrounded by the ranks of the regimented Firstborns, the Burning Blades stand out easily; their fire swords, wild hair and great cloaks creating a splash of glaring color thats stands out even amid the grandeur of the One King´s army. Their bronze gridles, heavy chest plates and great shoulder guards, coupled with their massive horned helmets have given both their allies and their enemies reason to pause. Viewed by many Firstborns as demontouched, they are generally shunnend by the common folk of the land.

In an attempt to buffer the apprehension that most Fiorstborn feel towards them, the One Kong has granted them a tract of land to dwell upon and a small outpost and tower to train. Reffered to as the Red Keep, the Burning Blades make their home here, surrounded by vast open fields to the south and east, great forests to the north and tranquil lakes to the west. Being only a short ride from the capitol, the Burning Blades are never far from their lords sight nor slow to answer his call.

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Concept Art
Conceptart Burning Blades

Concept Art
Concept Art Standard Bearer

Unit Rules from the 2.Edition.

Article print Type: Close Combat Warband

Burning Blades (4 - 8) Costs: 42
1310-11 2143 17-32
Burning Blade Standard Bearer (0 - 1) Costs: 42
1310-11 2143 17-32
Burning Blade Horn Blower (0 - 1) Costs: 42
1310-11 2143 17-32
Burning Blade Leader (1) Costs: 45
1411-12 2143 17-42

Special Rules:
- Ferocity
- Ice Warrior
- Forest Warrior
- Cause Fear
- The Burning Blades, Standard Bearers and Leader are armed with a Throwing Spear and a Firesword.
- The Burning Blade Standard Bearer may also purchase a Standard.
- The Burning Blade Horn Blower may also purchase a Horn.

Throwing Spear2+STR--ST+3


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