Earl: Swordmaster Noble

Earl: Swordmaster Noble (1) Costs: 46
138-14 2243 15-52

Special Rules:
- Commanding Presence
- The Earl is an esteerned position in the Firstborn Army, a rank which has been earned through both action and skill. When an Earl "Gives Order" (p. 61), he may command up to 2 warbands so long as both warbands are either Swordsmen, Desert Crusaders or City Militia. Commanding two warbands would of course require two actions.
- Feint
- Secondary Attack
- You must have a combination of Swordsmen or Desert Crusader at least 16 in your army to have an Earl.
- The Earl is armed with the Sword of Honor, Dagger and Warshield (-3 to RC).

Sword of HonorCC--STAppointed to the Earl for distinguished service, this perfectly balanced blade is a lethal weapon in the hand of a master. When an Earl rolls a hit with this weapon, the difference in the needed number and the number rolled is added to the weapons Damage (ST+roll). Thus an Earl who needs a modified 5 to hit an rolls a 11, adds 6 to his DAM this attack.

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