The Enlightened (1) Costs: 75
1481216 3243 21-22

Special Rules:
- Indomitable Will
- Commanding Presence
- The Enlightened find the sight of cowardice abhorrent. They will attempt to kill any panicked, friendly model then all panicked Units in his army will automatically Rally. The Enlightened must charge into base contact with the model. The Enlightened does not need to roll to kill the model. The Enlightened may only do this to a panicked unit that is not possessed or controlled.
- The Enlightened may purchase spells from the Chronomancer´s Spell List but the maximum power of such speels may not be greater than three.
- The Enlightened has the ability to interrupt the turn of another Unit or may activate anytime during any turn a long as he has not yet been activated that turn. They may even interrupt a model that is using a reserve action from Wait. The Enlightened may also interrupt an enemy Unit`s turn, however if he does so he must finish all his Actions before the interrupted Unit continues with its Actions. All of the Enlightened´s actions and any effects from his actions take place before resuming the involuntary movements or actions such as those caused by uncontrolled summoned units. An Enlightened who is unsing this special ability can be interrupted by a waiting model while takting his actions. An Enlightened may not interrupt a Chronomancer´s or another Enlightened´s turn.
- You may only purchase one Enlightened for every 1000 points in your army. For example, an army of between 1 and 1000 point may include 1 Enlightened. An Army of between 1001 and 2000 points may include 2 Enlightened. Etc...
- Each Enlightened is armed with a Truthbringer.


First version from 09.12.2012. Last version from 15.12.2012.

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