Exemplar - Order of the Knights Temporal

Since the return of the One King and the recreation of his empire, the Chronomancers have been diligently at work assigning Knightly Orders to maintain the security of their lands and interests. The Order of the Knights Temporal is one of their most prominent creations as it serves to protect the Chronomancers themselves as well as oversee the expansion of the One King´s interests. For the other races of Chronopia, this means that these knights play a key part in taking their lands away and slaughtering their peoples. As such they are hated by many.

The Knights Temporal can be found in most larger engagements and comprise the skilled and the strong willed living in the great city itself. The Exemplar holds a special place within the order. While some Repulsar Knights become Judges and minister the laws of the One King within the kingdom, others are chosen for a different role. They become Exemplars.

While the Judge keeps the Book of Laws and maintains their edicts, the Exemplar keeps the Book of Vendettas, a copious tome detailing the atrocities perpetuated against his people. These special volumes are created by the Chronomancers of the Third Tower and presented to a newly knighted Exemplar in a solemn ritual. More notable is that these books are linked magically to all others of their kind and should an Exemplar record a transgression within its pages, that account appears simultaneously in every other volume.

The second badge of honor for the Judge is his axe, the Truthbringer, a powerful and expertly crafted weapon. For the Exemplar, he too is accorded a special weapon of some renown or infamy. The Vindicator is a large, two-handed instrument of destruction feared on the battlefield for its raw power.

Their presence usually foreshadows a Firstborn "expansion" and the subsequent siege engines to be brought to bare. Exemplars do not however lead from the safety of the back lines. They lead by example and are almost always the first to lead a charge.

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