Repulsar Lord of the Order Mallus

Repulsar Lord of the Order Mallus (1) Costs: 85
168-16 3354 20-42

Special Rules:
- Cause Fear
- Inspiration
- Steadfast
- Secondary Attack
- Warmaster
- The Repulsar Lord is considered an Individual for purposes of army construction. If the army contains Knights of the Order Mallus he may be assigned as their commander and thus part of the warband.
- Repulsar Lords are each armed with Storm Forged Blade and Honor Blade

Storm Forged BladeCC--ST+5Lightning Blessed: - If this special blade scores a successful wound and the target is not slain outright, it must make an additional save against its LD score. If successful nothing more happens. If it fails this save, it is considered stunned and loses one available action when next it activates. These effects are not cumulative.
Honor BladeCC--ST+4(x2)Elven Animosity - Should the wielder of this blade be within LOS and 10 inches of an Elven Warband or Individual not already engaged in close combat, those Elves will be incited into a great Hatred. Follow rules for Hate per the Special Ability.

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