The Judge

Judge (1) Costs: 72
138-13 3243 22-22

Special Rules:
- Indomitable Will
- Cause Fear
- Commanding Presence
- The Judge has a sinister reputation. The sight of cowardice is abhorrent to them. They will attempt to kill any panicked friendly that passes within its movement range. Because of this, no Unit will Panic within four inches of a Judge. If a Judge does kill a panicked friendly model the all panicked Units in his army will automatically Rally. Such is the awesome reputation of the Judge. The Judge must charge into base to base contact with the model. The Judge does not need to roll to kill the model. The Judge may only this to a panicked unit that is not possessed or controlled.
- Judges are each armed with a Truthbringer.


First version from 09.12.2012. Last version from 15.12.2012.

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