Dusk Realm Warriors

When the Vortexes were opened to the Dusk Realm, the first spawn of that dread place emerged to swell the ranks of the Devoutīs human followers. Roughly the size of an avaerage human and carried on squat hoofed legs, these monsters are surprisingly mean and vicious. Resembling a compacted Demon, they are often used to break enemy lines and cause chaos in battlefield. While they wield a dangerous sword and are capable combatants, the Dusk Realm Warrior is infamous for charging into battle with its great spread of horns, a charge that has been known to take the wheel off of chariats and cripple Kutaras. When unleashed on a city, these horrid creatures know nothing but destruction, reveling in acts of devastation and slaughter.

The largest contingent of Dusk Realm Warriors to date is found in Negralīs Citadel of Morsdask on what the Firstborn refer to as the "Isle of the Damned".

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