PsycholoZulu´s Deathmatch Rules

Hi, my name is Shaun Mather and I am a freelancer in Yuma, Arizona. I live in a small town and there are few players who have large Chronopia armies, and when I run tournaments at our very small game shop, there is little room or time to get all the games in... thus I have devised Deathmatch rules. Since they have been created, its all I play now as far as Chronopia goes... you need between 6 and maybe 12 miniatures, the playing field is 18"x24" ( that´s 46cm. x 60cm.), and the matches last no longer than 1/2 an hour. Yet they are tense, ferocious battles and I have found that new players learn easily and you don´t need to spend a fortune on mini´s. I have run 2 Target games sponsored tournaments with these rules and both were overwhelming successes. Enough rambling... on to the rules. I will state a rule and a brief explanation why I have decided to do it that way.

  1. Battlefield is 18"x24" / 46cm. x 60cm. Opposing forces start on opposite short edges within 6" / 15cm.
    This is perfect size for this kind of battle, and I make each one a is a cemetery, one a mushroom field with some ruined carts/wagons and 2 others open fields with optional small hills.

  2. Each side has 300 pts. to spend on troops. You are allowed only one individual/leader... the rest of the troops are made from the regular troop lists. They may be taken from any of the troop lists from one of the races, and in any number.
    Players still have a variety of troops to play, but without taking an overwhelming force of individuals...examples: ORC- Kutara Lancer, 2 archers and 2 assault warriors. ELVES- Swordsman Leader, 4 Swordsmen, 4 Archers, 1 axeman and 1 Lotus Guard. DWARVES- Keeper(Dark Tusk Clan), 2 Blood-Bone axemen, 2 Vulture X-bowmen, 1 Dark Star Warrior, 1 Dark Axe Warrior. ELVES- Axeman Leader, 2 Axemen, 3 Spearmen and 5 Swordsmen....

  3. All troops are considered individuals for the Deathmatch. Alternate movement / actions between players as each troop was an individual. There is no squad coherency or panic checks from friendly troop casualties.
    This allows for having a variety of troop forces in your army without having to buy whole squads... which is great for new players to learn the different troop types and not have to wait awhile between turns waiting on his opponent to move entire warbands.

  4. Archers / X-bowmen may only fire once per turn. You may not fire then wait and then use a wait to fire again!!!

  5. Battle is to the death... no mercy given to the enemy and there is no running away or surrender! Both sides know this thus no panic unless their opponent has troops that cause panic / fear!

  6. On your turn you may activate ANY UN-activated model, friendly or enemy!

Set Up: Both roll initiative, lowest roll starts placing one troop within 6"/15cm. of their side... alternate setting troops until all are set. Roll initiative to start match... play to the death.

Notes: All the Deathmatch games I have played have been nail-biting tense, sometimes down to the last initiative roll, the last attack... the variety of troops this allows you to use is fantastic, you will find yourself experimenting with them to get just the right mix and hopes it works.

Tactics are a new experience using these rules, especially the fact that you can activate an opponent´s troops. Try it and see what you think, they are not tough rules and all original Chronopia rules apply except where noted here. Also try 600 point battles on the same size field using Deathmatch rules, just doubles the chaos!
First version from 23.03.2008. Last version from 24.03.2008.

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