The Necromancer

Necromancer (1) Costs: 74
1081514 3233 15-12

Special Rules:
- Necromancers may purchase spells from the Necromancers´ Spell List.
- Steadfast
- The Necromancer causes Dread, not fear, in the Swamp Goblins of the Fallen Lands.
- Commanding Presence
- Causes Fear
- The Necromancer is armed with the Staff of the Seven Hells.

Staff of the Seven HellsCC--ST+2(x2)The Staff of the Seven Hells allows the Necromancer to control 1 Summoned Undead Unit without spending an Action to keep that unit from going Out of Control. Additionally, the tsaff may infuse any undead model within the wielders command distance with an increased CC and RC ability. Affected models gain a +2 to the appropriate stats.

First version from 09.12.2012. Last version from 15.12.2012.

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