Goblin Myrmadon

Unlike the Bull Myrmadons, the Myrmadons of the eastern range are larger and much more difficult to control. Possessed of massive strength, a Myrmadon is the perfect line-breaking weapon as its thick hide makes it impervious to all but the most direct blows. Ridden by five Goblins, these beasts are given a specially prepared mixture of herbs that increases their ferocity and makes them rampaging monstrosities in combat. As any Goblin will tell you, the controller known as the Mahout, doesn’t so much control the beast as steer it in the right direction and hope it obeys. Certain Ogre Raj’s actually disdain the Goblin Myrmadons in their army, for they can cause considerable damage to their own side. The risk is not always worthwhile.

Goblin Myrmadon
Goblin Myrmadon
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Concept Art
Concept Art

Goblin Myrmadon Model Review

Reviewed by Graham Tunnicliffe. (1998)

Tarec kicked the Goblin corpse once more for good measure and glanced down the battle line. All along the line his firstborn warriorswere exchanging jokes as they heaped the corpses onto a pyre for burning. Their crossbows and maces had repulsed five waves of the vermin with minimal losses and Tarec was certain that they could hold until Greya returned with enough men to carry the fight to the Blackbloods.

Having flung the goblin onto the pyre, Tarec stepped in front of the line of men, turned to face them and held up his hands to quiet them. When he had silence, he spoke:
"My Brothers, once more our foe has failed to drive us back. Soon Greya will return with the Knights and we will finally rid this place of the taint of the Blackbloods. Until then, we must defend. This town must not fall, but how can it? We have the finest troops in the world, and our opponent has only………."

Tarecs’ speech was cut short by a sound like the rumbling of distant thunder. Instinctively he turned to face the direction of the noise - and the blood froze in his veins.

Moving towards the Firstborn position were a dozen beasts, their sharpened tusks slashing impatiently at the ground in anticipation of the coming slaughter. Each ponderous step the creatures took seemed lightning fast to Tarec in his dazed state, and the beasts closed, their goblin handlers goading them forward and the rest of the crew screaming curses as they readied their weapons. Suddenly, Tarec snapped out of the confusion that gripped him, and raised his voice so that all the men could hear clearly,
"Form up" he shouted, "make every quarrel count. Aim for the handler. And pray".

The Firstborn stood silently, impassively waiting for the moment that their world would erupt into pain and death.
The Myrmadons had arrived.

Goblin Myrmadon
Cover from the Heartbreaker Miniatures Box

The Goblin Myrmadon adds a nice new bite to the Blackblood army and certainly demands attention from your opponent. The figure is a multi-part casting - the Myrmadon itself is a 6 piece casting, including the base, and the crew consists of five goblins, one handler, two bowmen and two spearmen. The nice thing here is that all of the goblins have individual poses, so the model has a more "real" feel than if the crew were identically cast. More about these crewmen later.

The Myrmadon required little cleaning before assembly and it went together quite nicely with no real need for additional filling. If a criticism had to be levelled at it at this point, it is that the two halves of the body are hollow, which means that when the Myrmadon is assembled, anyone viewing it from the base will see it as an empty shell. It makes not a jot of difference on the battlefield, but I just got the feeling that something was missing from my figure. Still, you’ve always got somewhere to hide your midget gems!

As far as the animation of the figure goes, this is a winner. The Myrmadon itself looks a little static but this is more than compensated for by the goblins, who are fabulously animated! Each one has a unique expression and pose, the archers looking like they’ve just fired, the spearmen poised to strike when the beast enters melee, and the handler resting almost lazily at the animals neck, goad in hand. All the little blighters wear permanent scowls too, which enhances the overall effect of a war beast driven to battle by its’ bloodthirsty crew. When placed on the Myrmadon, the goblins bring the whole thing to life.

As anyone who knows me will confirm, painting is not my strong point, I can make a figure look OK, but not exceptional. Fortunately, I have buddies who are demons with a paint brush, and we operate on a figures for beer barter system. Still, I thought I’d have a go with the Myrmadon, using the box as my guide. The best option here is to stick to earth colours, such as browns and greens, with a splash of bold colour for the Myrmadons’ decorative faceplate and armour. The goblins too, should benefit from a similar colour scheme, and perhaps by (as I did) adding coloured banners to the spears.

Now we come to my major moan about an otherwise excellent figure. It’s the price. At £17.95 it seems a bit steep to me and the few people I asked to guess the price all placed it a few pounds below that (all in the £13 - £15 range). I imagine that compared to other similarly sized models from other manufacturers, the Myrmadon fares well on price, but it seems out of step with the prices of the rest of the Heartbreaker Range.

However, this really is the only sore point on what is otherwise a very nice figure. If you find yourself particularly flush, and play a Blackblood army, then I heartily recommend the investment. It’s amazing how much your opponent will throw at the thing to stop it, and while they are doing that, they’re ignoring your unit of Crimson Blades………

Animation 8 out of 10
Detail 7 out of 10
Value 5 out of 10
Overall 7 out of 10

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