Chronopia FAQ ver 1.1 (2/24/99) 1st Edition

Author: Target Games © 1999
From the Paradoxplaza Board

We have tried to answer as many questions as time allows. We promise to read every question that is submitted in the proper fashion. We may choose not to answer questions if we feel they are basic rules questions, already listed in the rulebooks, or correct in the rulebooks. We do get questions asking if point costs are correct, whether we have forgotten to list special abilities or if troops have to stay in command distance. Short of answering with no we didn’t make a mistake there or yes, you have to follow the rules, these questions will not become part of the FAQ. As you can imagine the FAQ would become unmanageable very quickly if we did answer all questions of that nature. This does mean we don’t review those questions, we do, and we’ll list errata if it is necessary and clarify rules if they are vague.

We also get questions and comments pertaining to possible new troops types, giving races special abilities, introducing new rules concepts, etc. We can’t deal with these questions in the FAQ. Feel free to submit such suggestions and requests to our customer service department.

As we have to pass the questions among the FAQ team and consult with the design team in Edinburgh there will always be a window where we are receiving questions that end up getting pushed to next month’s FAQ even as we are finishing up this months. If a question seems to warrant it we’ll post an interim answer on the forum in-between the monthly updates. Questions are also combined and sometimes heavily reworded for clarity. It is possible we have answered some questions in a significantly different form than we received them in. The goal of the FAQ is to try and diminish confusion not to create more of it. Hopefully we have achieved that. Feel free to make suggestions on improving the FAQ and to continue submitting questions. Good gaming to all of you.

Mike J. Murtha
The FAQ team

Chron – Chronopia
LTR – Land of Two Rivers
SOK – Sons of Kronos
TFL – The Fallen Land

Note: Unless the entry is listed as errata it should be treated as also saying, “Unless otherwise stated”, clarifications are not meant to overturn rules. For example under Spells we say that they may not target a spot on the board, some spell description say you may target an area on the board. This falls under the “unless otherwise stated” and is therefore not restricted.


Back Stab: Q: If a model uses the Back Stab special ability does its target still get his shield bonus?
A: No. LoTR pg. 53

Berserk: Clarification: You do not have to declare a target for Berserk. You must spend an action to go Berserk. Unless otherwise stated in the units rules there are no restrictions on what other actions you can take while you are Berserk. Going Berserk is not an attack action. When the Berserk model kills an enemy the model is no longer considered Berserk. If the model wishes to use the special ability again it must spend another action. Chron pg. 143

Berserk: Q: If a Warband has some Berserk members and some non Berserk members how is the Warband affected by Panic and Fear?
A: All members must Berserk in order for the entire unit to be immune to panic and fear. If all members of the Warband are not Berserk and a member of the unit panics it will then affect the entire unit whether or not they are Berserk. Chron pg. 143

The Big Stick Rule: All players and spectators are encouraged to use common sense, fair play, and their sense of humor before, during, and after the game

Brace: Q: If you Charge a waiting model with the Brace special ability from behind does the model still get it is Brace attack?
A: Unless the attacking model began its activation in your modesl forward arc your model may not use its wait action to attack while Braced. Chron pg. 143 see countercharge clarification below

Brace: Clarification: a model must have the special ability to perform a braced attack May only be used from wait The “braced attack” would take precedence over other special attacks or special abilities. So a waiting model with the brace special ability would attack before a model with the leap special ability.
If the model is attacked more than once in the same turn it is only considered braced while it has a wait counter. So it would not be braced for the second and subsequent attacks. Chron pg. 143

Charge: Rules Addition: If a model is active, not already engaged in CC, has remaining actions and is charged by a waiting model it may always countercharge. For example, take model A, five inches away from model B which is on wait. Model A uses its first action to move three inches toward model B, model B declares a charge, model A can then use its remaining action to countercharge. Chron pg. 124

Charge: Q: Charge - The description of charging *implies* that a model must charge the closest enemy within its facing at the start of its activation if it is to charge at all. However, with 2+ actions a model can make a normal move *before* its charge move which brings it into CC with a model which was not the closest when it was activated i.e. the model can indeed swerve "around a model to attack a more appealing target." Is this really what was intended?
A: The answer to this question depends on the position of the models in the enemy warband. If one model is closer to models in your warband then the movement rules would prevent you from swerving past the model. Models may not move through an enemy warband regardless of the separation between them. Moving “past” an enemy model to get at another model in the warband falls under this restriction. As stated in the Getting Into Close Combat rules, if you wish to initiate close combat with an enemy unit you must engage the closest model unless it is already in close combat. If members of an enemy warband are arranged in a straight line it is legal to move along the line and then declare a charge. Chron pg. 110 & 124

Command Distance: Q: If "for any reason" a model is not within Command Distance at the start of a Turn it must move within Command Distance. Does this mean that a model engaged in hand-to-hand is forced to attempt to Break Away in order to regain Command Distance?
A: When the unit is activated the player has discretion over what order individual models use their actions. If a model engaged in close combat is chosen and it is out of command distance it must attempt to break away and reach command distance of the warband leader. Chron pg. 108

Countercharge: Clarifications: Unless the attacking model began its activation in your forward arc you may not countercharge a model that attacks from your models rear arc.
If a model is countercharged by a model other than the one it is charging it must shift its charge to that model. The two models would meet halfway between where the charging model started and the countercharging model is or at the limit of the slower model’s movement. Chron pg. 124

Countercharge: Q: Who gets the first attack on a countercharge?
A: As stated in the Countercharge rules, both players would roll a d20 adding their model’s LD score. The model with the highest total would attack first. Re-roll in the case of a tie. If the other model lives it would get to strike back. Both models get all charging bonuses. If neither model dies then normal Close Combat rules apply. Chron pg. 124

Eagle Eye: Clarification: Models with this special ability must still use the random table to determine their target when firing at a special unit such as the Myrmadon or a chariot, they cannot target a specific model. Chron pg. 142

Fear: Clarifications: The entire warband tests against Fear, not each model. A model affected by Fear does not lose their wait counters. Chron pg. 138

Feast: Clarifications: Cannot be used while engaged in Close Combat. Cannot be used on Unliving or Risen. Can only be used to regain one wound no matter the size or composition of the model being feasted upon. The entire model must be dead in the case of special models before they are eligible to be feasted on. LTR pg. 53

Feint: Errata: Models with the Feint special ability negate their opponents DEF modifier if it is a negative number. Chron pg. 141

Firing Into Close Combat: Q: If I fire into CC, and one of the combatants is a skeleton; I can not damage the skeleton, so do I roll to see who I hit? Or does it go through the skeleton into the other model?
A: You should roll to see who you hit, if it hits the Skeleton nothing happens, if it hits the skeletons opponent work it out damage as normal. Chron pg. 131

Firing Through Friendly Troops: Errata: Underneath the diagram line B should read "Gap is too narrow, target is NOT available". Chron pg. 130

Firing Through Friendly Troops: Clarification: Q: If you wish to fire through friendly troops you must have a one inch gap between the two models. Situations can arise where one model is behind two others and there is a one inch gap but your target is positioned slightly to the side. In this case the target would get the benefit for cover modifiers. The level of cover would depend on how much of the target is visible to the firing model. Chron pg. 130

Giving Orders: Errata: Giving Orders ends the models turn. Chron pg. 136 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chron

Giving Orders: Clarification: An individual may not give orders while engaged in Close Combat. Chron pg. 136

Hail of Arrows: Rules Change: The Hail of Arrows template can be targeted at any model in the enemy warband that your warband leader has LOS to.
Normal LOS rules apply to Hail of Arrows. The range is measured from your warband leader to the target model. The target model(s) must be between the CR and MX of the weapons your warband are firing for the Hail of Arrows to be successful. If successful the template is centered on the target model.
All other Hail of Arrows rules remain in effect. Chron pg. 142

Hail of Arrows: Clarifications: May be used against troops with Chameleon without any penalties or requiring any special spot rolls. Assuming a successful placement of a Hail of Arrows template according to all the pertinent rules any model that is under the template is a viable target whether or not they are members of the unit which contains the original target.
Troops with composite bows add their ST to the dam of the weapon when using HOA. Chron pg. 142, LTR pg. 54

Height Bands: Clarification: Any flying model that is in height band two or higher cannot be engaged in CC by any model in height band one regardless of the S of the model wishing to engage in CC with the flyer. FL pg 40-41

Line of Sight: Clarification: Any model that is directly interposed between a model attempting to fire a missile weapon and it’s target will block LOS irrespective of the model’s S or the miniatures actual physical size. Chron pg 128
Gaming Note: A slightly more complicated but more realistic way of checking LOS is the time honored string rule. Using a piece of string (substituting alternative materials as available) see if you can stretch the string in a straight line between the targeting model and the target model. You should still be able to target at least fifty percent of the model.

Magic Resistance: Clarification: As this ability only pertains to spells targeting the model with the ability it does not protect the model against non-targeted spells such as Chasm. Chron pg. 140

Min-Max Rule: Gaming Suggestion: As an optional rule to further balance the playing field try the following with one of the two variations. Any missile weapon warband cannot be larger either in A) number of models or B) number of points than the squad that is “supporting” it. For example if you have a Goblin Swordmasters warband with five members you cannot use it to qualify to buy a Orc Arche warband with more than five members if you are using the option A. All players should agree to this rule before army construction is begun.

Missile Weapon Troops: Clarification: Any warband that is equipped with any missile weapon (except those that can be fired in CC) is considered a “missile weapon warband” for purposes of buying your army. This designation is irrespective of any other weapons the warband may be equipped with. Chron pg. 107

Morale: Clarification: An individual within command distance of a Warband may use it’s LD for Morale tests involving Fear as well as panic. Chron pg. 138

Mounted Troops: Clarifications: Until new rules are published for mounted troops created before the SOK rulebook they continue to use the statistics and rules under their original entries. A rider with more actions than its mount will suffer the penalties for moving and firing if the mount’s previous action was to move. SOK pg 65

Movement: Clarification: While moving a model may: Change facing at any point during the move.
Change direction at any point during the move (the model does not have to move in a straight line) Chron pg. 110

Multiple attacks: Clarification: Any model with the secondary attack special ability or that has multiple attacks listed the unit’s rules (e.g. Sisters of Tiamat) may spread their attacks among any models that are in base to base contact with the model when it spends an action to initiate close combat. Chron pg. 119

Multiple Weapons: Clarifications: A troop type equipped with more than one weapon does not have to spend any actions to change between them.

Optional Shooting Rules: Clarification: A codicil created by players has become widespread among the forum players. It states that an individual with more than two actions can fire once a turn for every two actions rounded up. So an individual with three actions could take two missile attacks per turn instead of one. As with any other optional rule all players must agree to use it before the game begins. SOK pg 72

Panic: Errata: If a unit becomes panicked remove all hidden and wait counters from that unit.
Panic checks are made at the end of the current unit’s activation. A unit need only check for panic once during any activation (theirs or an enemy’s) assuming the morale check is caused by the same source. For example if a unit’s suffers multiple causualties during an activation they only need to make one check for panic at the end of that activation. Chron pg. 137

Pole Arms: Rules Changes & Clarifications: Pole Arms: Are considered two-handed weapons unless stated otherwise. Can be used to attack during a move that brings the model within two inches of an enemy model. The attacking model will not receive a charge bonus for the attack and may be countercharged. If countercharged CC would proceed as normal and the model with the pole arm would receive its charge bonus. Cannot attack from out of base to base contact unless a gap (the friendly models cannot be base to base) between friendly models exists. Cannot attack over the heads of friendly models. Can be used to exceed the limit on the number of figures in combat with a single figure. Unless a model armed with a pole arm is in base to base contact with an enemy model they are attacking in CC they neither add to or benefit from any sort of multiple attacker or group attack bonus. Unless specifically stated all other normal rules continue to apply. Chron pg. 117

Rally: Q: The rules state that if a panicked unit is within its Deployment Zone it automatically rallies unless there is an enemy unit within 4". Does this mean that if there is an enemy within 4" the panicked unit can’t make a morale test?
A: A panicked unit will always get a morale test at –4 at the start of their activation regardless of the range of enemy troops. If you fail this Morale check you must move away from the enemy unit. Enemy troops only affect the automatic rally in your deployment zone. Chron pg. 138

Ram: Clarification: Ramming models always attack first in Countercharge situations, this applies to both the Ram special attack and the normal CC attack. The Ramming model would roll for both before his opponent would get to respond. If a model with Ram charges model another with Ram who then countercharges, then both models would roll off as per normal countercharge rules to see which attacks first. If a model is knocked down then it does not get its Ram attack or charge. Chron pg. 141

Ram: Errata: A models ST is not added in to the damage of a Ram Attack. Chron pg. 141

Ram: Q: If a model A (without Ram) Charges model B (with Ram) who countercharges and knocks over model A does model A still get it is attack? Is the action it took lost because it was knocked over?
A: Yes, the action would be lost and it would not get its charge attack. Chron pg. 141

Rampage: Errata: The Rampage markers are used to indicate a summoned unit that is uncontrolled.

Rough Terrain: Errata: The last sentence should read “Note; your move can never be reduced to less than 1 inch when moving through Rough terrain. Chron pg. 111

Shield Wall: Clarifications: Models with the Shield Wall ability may attack without having to perform the break maneuver. While using this special ability models will all use actions at the same rate, if something “interrupts” then during their activation then they will all be left with the same number of remaining actions. For example, if an Iron Guard warband uses one action to maintain the shield wall and then is charged by a waiting model all members of the warband can continue the turn after the charge with one action left. Chron pgs 140-141

“Special” Units: Clarification: Unless otherwise stated any units listed as special in their structure count as individuals in your force list.

Special Attacks: Clarification: As a general rule unless otherwise stated in the unit’s description any model with a special attack such as a tusk attack or ram does not add it’s strength bonus to the dam but does add their charge bonus to the dam.

Special Abilities: Clarification: Unless otherwise stated in their description, a troop type with special abilities that require an action to activate do not start the game with these special abilities active. E.g. a troop type with the special ability hide does not start the game hidden, but a model with Chameleon always gains the benefit of their special ability.

Spellcasters: Errata: All of the currently available spellcasters in all army lists are subject to the one per thousand point restriction unless otherwise stated in the rules. You may have multiple spellcatsers of different types in a thousand-point army. This list includes the Firstborn Chronomancer, and Enlightened, the Elven Red, Black, Blue and Silver Lotus Eaters, the Blackblood Alchemist, the Devout Warped Lord, Stalker, and Necromancer, and the Stygian Priestess.

Spells: Clarifications: Unless otherwise stated. All spells must target a model, they may not target a spot on the board. Chron pg. 133
Any continuing effect spells, such as Rings of Fire or Vortex, suffer the same limitation as summoning spells, i.e. you may only cast as many during the game as you have actions for one turn. So a Stygian Priestess could not cast Sandstorm more than four times in a single game. Spells that confer a bonus or extra action(s) to a unit are not cumulative. Multiple castings of the same spell will have no additional effect until the unit is no longer under the effects of the original spell. If a spell can be cast at varying levels it will state so in the spells description, otherwise the spells level is fixed. For example, Set Back is cast against a variable spell level depending on the number of move actions the Chronomancer is attempting to reverse. Chron pg. 133
If the rules in a spell description states ”This spell may only be cast once per battle” this refers to a successful attempt. If the attempt to cast the spell fails it can be attempted again the next turn.
If a spellcaster is engaged in CC they may not attempt to cast a spell.
The phrasing "you may not cast the same spell more than once per turn" refers to the specific spellcaster. If a force is of sufficient size to have multiple spellcasters they may each cast the same spell during a turn. They must each have purchased the spell separately. If a spellcaster attempts to cast a spell and it fails, that spellcaster may not attempt the same spell again that turn
If a spell is targeted on a model beyond the spell’s range, the spell automatically fails.
A spell does not cause any effects not listed in its description. For example a Freeze spell does not leave a patch of ice on the board that affects other models movement.
You must be able to see 50 % or more of a model to target it with a spell. Chron pg. 132

Spells: Q: If you cast a spell on a model that is in CC do you have to roll to see if it hits the correct model?
A: Unless otherwise stated you only need LOS to target a spell Chron pg. 132

Summoned Units: Errata: A controlled summoned unit cannot be nominated by the player who wins initiative. They can only be activated after the summoner has been activated. Chron pg. 133

Summoned Units: Clarifications: A summoned Individual unit cannot Give Orders
A summoned Individual unit cannot use its LD for initiative rolls.
If you have a summoned unit out of control you must roll each turn to determine its actions. Chron pg. 133-134

Targeting: Clarifications: If the closest enemy model in an enemy Warband is engaged in Close Combat it would counts as in cover and you may shift missile fire to the next closest enemy model in LOS.
An enemy model’s special ability, such as the Unliving’s or Risen’s immunity to missile weapons, does not affect targeting priority rules. Chron pg. 129

Thrown Weapons: Clarification: There are three different types of Thrown Weapon Troops. Those that have a weapon that can be thrown, e.g. the Stygian Swordsmen are armed with darts. Those troops that have the Thrown Weapon special ability such as the Viridian Lords. Finally some troops have special rules which allow them to throw weapons as they charge into combat, i.e. the Embalmed and the Sons of Kronos from the Firstborn army list. Units that are armed with a weapon that can be thrown should use the rules in the relevant section. Troops that have the Thrown Weapon special ability should follow the rules from the SOK book. Below are a few clarifications with regard to the Embalmed and Sons of Kronos troops from the Firstborn army list. Unless otherwise stated always use the original rules.
The thrown weapon attack: Uses the troop types MW stat.
Comes before all other attacks including braced weapons or the special abilities of some troops if the enemy unit countercharges. This clarification also applies to the Thrown Weapon special ability.
Troops such as the Embalmed must target multiple Thrown Weapon attacks at the same target After successfully killing their intended target with a thrown weapon they may redirect their charge to another enemy model that is within their movement range, they do not get an additional thrown weapon attack on thew new target. May be used in a countercharge situation.
Do not have to be used as the model charges into CC if you choose not to. Chrono pg. 150, LTR pg. 88, SOK pg. 71

Thrown Weapons Special Ability: Clarifications: The Thrown Weapon attack comes before all other attacks including braced weapons or the special abilities of some troops if the enemy unit countercharges. You may elect not to have a model use this SA if you choose. SOK pg. 71

Trample: Q: Does a model with the Trample ability add its strength to the damage of the trample?
A: No, the dam is as stated in the unit’s description. LoTR pg. 52

The Underling Rule: It is permissible to change, delete, bend, fold, spindle, or mutilate any rule for the purposes of running a scenario or when using “house rules”. All players must be made aware of any changes before the game.

Victory points: Clarification: Victory points are calculated by units remaining at the end of the game. If a unit has not been killed it should be considered as “remaining” for calculation of victory points. Players or tournament organizers are free to add an addendum to this that panicked units do not count as “remaining” for purposes of victory points if they wish. This should be decided before the start of the game. Chron pg. 105

Wait: Q: If a model on Wait is Charged from Behind (or by a Hidden model) it can not Countercharge. What happens to the models Wait action, is it lost?
A: As long your model survives the charge you must use your wait action to attack the enemy model. The attack is a normal CC attack and does not could as a charge. Chron pg. 125 &135

Wait: Rules Change: Models using a wait action may not be interrupted by other waiting models. In the case of both players having multiple models on wait use the following sequence assuming it is player A’s turn. Player B would have first priority. His model would take its wait action. After it finished its wait action player A’s model would take its wait action. If both players had additional models on wait, activation would alternate, starting again with player B. In the case of three or more players, each player except for the one whose turn it is would roll a d20 and the highest roll would take their model’s wait action first, then the next highest and so on. Only after all the other players had gone would the player whose turn it is get to use his models wait action. Normal rules for use of wait actions apply, it must be a visible action and you cannot interrupt actions requiring a roll, although they may be reacted too. Chron pg. 135

Wait: Clarification: Spending an action to go on wait ends that model’s turn. The model has only one action in reserve. The number of actions the model was originally entitled to does not affect wait. The model may never have more than one wait counter. You may Charge, Countercharge, or Dive for Cover. Those are the only move type actions you may make on a wait action.
If the model is part of a warband it may be placed on wait and use the reserve action irrespective of the wait status of the other members of the warband (assuming you are following command distance and all other relevant rules pertaining to warbands). So all, some or none of a warband can elect to spend an action to go on wait. While on wait all, some or none may elect to use their wait counters to respond to an enemy’s action. The wait actions would be performed one at a time following all other relevant rules.
You may declare a charge from wait whenever you think an enemy model is within your movement range unless that model is charging you, then you can countercharge. If you declare a charge from wait and it falls short you do not move your model and you waste your wait action. A model can use their reserve action in response to an enemy action either during the turn it was placed on wait or the following turn until it is activated. Once the model is activated the wait counter is removed. Chron pg. 135

Warbands Structure: Errata: All Warbands have a leader even if there is not a specific one mentioned in the structure. If a leader is mentioned in the warband structure that model counts as the leader until that model dies. If the leader is killed or no leader is mentioned in the warband structure then the model with the highest LD in the warband is considered to be the leader. If all models in the warband have the same LD then the first model to be activated is considered the leader. If the warband has not yet been activated the closest model in the warband to the targeting model would be considered the leader. Chron pg. 106

War Shield: Q: Is the War Shield the only shield that you do not receive the bonus for when using a two-handed weapon in CC?
A: When using a 2 handed weapon, you cannot use a shield at the same time. If you are using a two-handed weapon you don’t get a shield bonus. Chron pg. 119


Alchemist: Errata: The Alchemist has a PW of 14 not 4. Chron pg. 192 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Alchemist: Potions: Clarification: Unless otherwise stated Potions are treated as spells and suffer any restrictions that spells are subject to. Chron pg. 192

Armory: Errata:
The Spear is considered a one-handed polearm. Chron pg. 153
The Long Spear is a two-handed polearm. LTR pg. 76
The Heavy Longspear is not a pole-arm. TFL pg. 83

Fire Bomb: Q: Fire Bomb costs 1 Action to cast, must you also spend a Action to throw it? Do you have to target Fire Bomb on a model or can you throw it at terrain?
A: You throw the Fire Bomb in the same action you cast it. You must make both a to hit roll as well as rolling to see if the potion is successful. You must target the firebomb on an enemy model. LTR pg. 77

Goblin Myrmidon: Errata: The last line in the Special Rules section of the Mymidon listing should read “The Spearman have a combat arc of 180 degrees to the sides of the Myrmidon and have the Brace special ability.” LTR pg. 73

Goblin Myrmidon: Clarifications:
A model with Eagle Eye cannot target the Goblins on the Myrmidon. You would roll randomly to determine which part of the Myrmidon unit had been hit.
When purchasing the Myrmidon it as an individual for purposes of army list construction, it does not count as a missile weapon warband.
Since a Myrmidon is counted as an individual it may not be targeted with a Hail of Arrows.
Separate models in the Myrmidon unit may go on wait.
If one of the troops fumbles the rest of the troops on the Myrmidon do not lose the rest of their actions
When affected by a spell which requires a model to make a LD check, use the controllers LD
If the Myramadon unit it hit with an area effect spell or template, all models on the Mymadon touched by the template must make the appropriate saves
LoTR pg. 73-75

Troll: Clarification: A Troll armed with the 2 Gauntlet Scythes/2 Handed Falchion Option will make three CC attacks with each attack action. One attack each with the 2 Gauntlet Scythes and one attack with the 2 Handed Falchion. One of these weapons types must be chosen as primary. The other weapon type will count as the secondary attack and receive the appropriate penalties to CC. Chron pg. 189

Troll: Netting: Rules Change and Clarifications:
The Troll adds his STR to the DAM to see if the Target is netted.
When attempting to make a breakout roll vs. the net always assume the net has a ST of four and has rolled a six, the entangled model should make a breakout roll as per the normal rules.
If a single model from a Warband is “netted” the rest of the Warband may elect to leave that model behind and break command distance with it. Chron pg. 193, 123


Armory: Errata:
In the Chronopia rulebook Devout armory the Two-Handed Sword should be Damage 15 Chron pg. 201 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia.
The Long Spear is a Two-handed polearm Chron pg. 201

Darkwings: Errata: The Darkwings Def is zero. Chron pg. 199 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Demon Knight: Errata: The Demon Knights DEF is -1 Chron pg. 202 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Demon Wings: Errata: The Demon Wings should not have a PW stat. Their point cost should be 39, not 52. Chron pg. 199 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Devout Followers: Errata: The Devout Followers DEF should read -1 not 1 Chron pg. 195 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Giant Skeleton: Errata: The Giant Skeletons Size is 2 not 1. The Giant Skeleton has a DEF of -1 Chron pg. 204 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Horn of Decay: Errata: The Horn of Decay should read like this... If the Warped lord spends 2 actions he may sound his Horn of Decay. All Enemy Models within 15 inches of the Warped Lord must make a Morale test against Fear, if they fail this test remove any Hidden and Waiting markers. Chron pg. 200 Please note that the errata, except for the word enemy, has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Jackal Clan Scout: Clarification: The Jackal Clan Scout is equipped with two claw spikes and two elbow spikes. If the Scout initiates CC the model will get to attack with both claw spikes, one normally and one as a secondary attack. If the Scout uses the Back Stab ability the model will get to attack with both the claw spike and elbow spike as normal and then a secondary attack with the second claw and elbow spike both at –4. If the Jackal Clan Scout is Hidden in a models front arc, it can Infiltrate to a model’s rear arc to Back stab. LoTR pg. 79

Possesion: Errata: When casting this spell at a model with more than one creature in it the model would save using the highest LD of any of the creatures. The model will receive a bonus of plus two for each creature after the first. E.g. a Myrmadon model would use the LD of the controller and get a bonus of plus two for each of the four other goblins and plus two for the Myrmadon itself for a total of plus ten to the save.

Possesion: Clarifications: If a model is possessed and then attacks a model from it’s own army but does not kill it, the attacked model must break away from Close Combat on it’s activation if it is during the same turn that the model was possessed. Although a possessed model may not be forced to kill itself, discard weapons or equipment, or move off the board it may be forced to perform actions that could potentially harm the model. For example, the model could made to jump off a hill which would result in a damage roll, or charge into a Ring of Fire. As long as the action does not result in the automatic death of the model any other non-restricted action is legal. Chron pg. 202

Risen Archers: Clarification: Skeleton archers are not armed with any type of CC weapon, their only option in CC is to attempt to break away from combat. They may not perform a charge action. Chron pg. 196

Risen: Q: Are Risen Immune to all missile weapons (Like the Unliving)?
A: Yes Chron pg. 196

Risen: Clarifications: When brought into play by the Raise Dead spell or the Staff of Seven Hells the new Risen model is a warband of one and activated as such. The new warband is not activated the turn it comes into play. Chron pgs 201, 203

Risen: Rules Change: When a figure such as a Necromancer that has the ability to “raise” models is in play casualties should be left on the battlefield or a marker should be placed to indicate their position. Eligible casualties are any non-summoned, non-Devout, size one model. When using a legal casualty to create Risen troops the Devout player may choose to create any one of the eight varieties of Risen, swordsman or archer of any of the listed races. The new Risen does not have to be of the same race as the casualty used to create the risen. Once the Risen is created the casualty is removed from the board and the risen put in its place. Chron pg 196 Note, we have added this rules change as a fix to make the Risen a little more balanced and to try to have them make more sense. We are using the assumption that when a non-Devout is killed “death energy” is released that a spellcaster such as a Necromancer can use to create a Risen. The Necromancer may be raising the just deceased corpse or one from a long ago battle. The design team will be revamping the Risen in a later Chronopia supplement.

Staff of the Seven Hells: Errata: Must be in LOS to use the raise dead ability. Chron pg. 201 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Standard of Defiance: Q: When do opposing models make a morale check?
A) When the banner moves to within 6" of them?
B) When they move to within 6" of the banner?
C) If they are within 6" of the banner when they are activated?
D) All of the Above?
A: The correct answer is "D". A unit will never have test more than once per turn for the same source. Chron pg. 201

Tormented: Clarification: May perform both attack routines as one CC action. Each attack is a separate roll but neither is considered secondary. Chron pg. 198

Undead Knight: Errata: The Undead Knight is size 2 not 1.The Undead Knight has a DEF of -1 Chron pg. 204 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Warped Lord: Clarification: Spell – When the Warped Lord successfully casts possession a player will temporarily gains control of an enemy model. When activated it behaves like a model in your army and you may perform whatever actions you can normally perform with your own troops. The model will not kill itself or discard weapons or equipment, you may move it as you choose but not off the Battlefield. You may have the possessed model attack a unit from it’s own (original) army. Chron pg. 202


Armory: Errata:
The Spear is a two-handed polearm. Chron pg. 181
The Goading Spear is a one-handed polearm Chron pg. 181
The Clawed Halberd is a two-handed polearm. Chron pg. 181
The Goring Spear is a two-handed polearm. LTR pg. 71

Dark-Tusk: Q: When a Dark-Tusk Legion trooper charges into CC, he gets a free Tusk attack Strength 10, the models strength isnt added but do I add the Charge bonus to the attacks strength?
A: Yes. Chron pg. 173

Keeper/Totems: Q: The rule on the Keeper states that when transforming back into a Keeper from Totem Form, you keep any wounds you have suffered. How about a Keeper with a wound who transforms INTO a Totem? Does he keep any wounds? Also, if you have a game long enough, how many times may a Keeper transform into Totem Form?
A: Yes, all wounds accumulated are kept from one transformation to another, and you may transform as many times as you like. Chron pg. 180

Keepers: Clarification: When creating your army list you must purchase a Keeper and nominate a clan for him in order purchase Blood Totems from that clan. During the battle there are no special requirements that the Keeper must follow with regard to any Blood Totems in your army list. Chron pg. 180

Horned Ones Spearmen Leader: Errata: The stats for the Spearmen Leader are as follows...Chron pg. 177

15 10 - 14 3 1 2 2 22 -1 1 45
Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Horned Ones Swordsmen: Errata: The Horned Ones Swordsmen DEF should be -1 not 1. Chron pg. 176 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia


Armory: Errata and Clarifications:
There should be a Two-Handed Sword in the Armory in the Chronopia rulebook. Damage 15 Chron pg. 165
The Oval Spear is a Two-Handed polearm. Chron pg 165
The Crystalline Spear is a two-handed polearm. Chron pg 165
The Halberd is a two-handed polearm. LTR pg. 64
The Flame Lance is a two-handed polearm. LTR pg. 64
The Armory listed for the Jade House should only be used with Jade House Elves. TFL pg 74
The Two-Handed Axe should be listed as a Battle Axe. TFL pg. 74
The Two-handed Spear and Halberd are not polearms. TFL pg 74
The Longbow, Javelin, Longsword, and Lance are not part of the general Elven armory. These stats are used only for the Dragonbane riders. TFL pg. 85

Black Lotus Spells: Errata: Crusher: The Crusher’s DEF is 0. Chron pg. 168

Crystal Knight: Q: Is the Crystal Knight -2 CC/MW penalty Cumulative? (If I am within 4 inches of 2 Crystal Knights, am I -4?)
A: No, the bonus is not cumulative. Chron pg. 162

Daughter of the Phoenix: Clarifications: The limited flight ability mentioned in the special rules section refers to the flights limited use. The model does not have full flight and may only move in the fashion once per turn. During this movement the model is considered to be hovering, suffers no movement penalties for changes in elevation over terrain. They may freely cross linear terrain up to one inch high, and is considered to have a 360 degree LOS and attack arc. The model may end its move in base to base contact with an enemy model. This is considered a charge. The Daughter of the Phoenix is subject to all normal rules regarding attacking the nearest enemy model. Chron pg. 168-169

Daughter of the Phoenix: Errata: The Daughter of the Phoenix can spend an action to heat up the sword of the Phoenix. Chron pg. 165

Elixir of the Yellow Lotus: Clarification: Although the elixir is capable of lowering the effective spell level with regards to the caster it does not affect the spell level with regards to the target. TFL pg. 76

Flying Draonbane: Errata: The correct point cost for both the Jade house and generic troop is 116. TFL pgs. 72, 84

Freeze: Rules Change and Clarifications: A model may cast Freeze on an enemy Unit at long as the caster has LOS to any member of the Warband or an individual. If the Unit fails their save on their next activation the unit gets a breakout roll. All members of the unit are assumed to be attempting to break free but the unit only gets one breakout roll per activation. Roll for breakout as normal adding the ST of only the model with the highest value to the roll. The Freeze is always counted as if the spell had a ST of zero and had rolled a 12 so no additional roll is required. All other rules in the Freeze description remain in effect. Chron pg. 166

Sky Chariot: Errata: When this spell is cast on friendly models they do not need to make a saving throw. Units can not be moved off the battlefield, but they may moved into harmful terrain or spell effects such as Chasm. Units affected by this spell lose hide or wait markers. Chron pg. 167

Warrior of the Sun: Clarification: Warrior of the Sun are not affected by a Flame Strike that they produce. They are not immune to fire based attacks and would be affected by a Flame Strike from another Warrior of the Sun. Chron pg. 163

Ice Weapon: Q: The silver lotus spell ICE WEAPON has N/A listed as its save. Firstly can it be cast on opponents Secondly does the opponent individual get a save to resist
A: Yes and Yes LoTR pg. 67

Flame Lance: Q: Should you roll to see if you fumble when using the Flame Lance?
A: Yes LoTR pg. 64

Obsidian Guard: Errata: The Obsidian Guards Size should be 1 and not 2. Chron pg. 164 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Red Lotus Spell: Errata: The Ring of Fire template lasts for the entire game once successfully cast. Models with the special ability Leap are still subject to the Ring’s effects when passing through it. Chron pg. 169

Red Lotus Spell: Errata: Ring of Fire: The third sentence in the description should read "The Ring of Fire does not block Line of Sight but there is a -2 MW penalty when firing out from within it or at a model inside it." Chron pg. 169 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia


Armory: Errata:
You add your ST bonus to the damage of the Composite bow. Chron pg. 153 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia
The Broad Bladed Spear is considered a one handed weapon. Chron pg. 153
The Maiming Polearm is a two-handed polearm. Chron pg 153
The Power Staff is a two-handed polearm. Chron pg 153

Chronomancer: Errata: The Chronomancers MW is 10 and his PW is 15. Chron pg. 152 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Chronomancer: Clarification: The Chronomancer and the Enlightened have the ability to interrupt the turn of another unit. They may even interrupt a model that is using a reserve action from wait. They may not interrupt involuntary movements or actions such as those caused by uncontrolled summoned units or an out of control Mymadon. All their action and any effects from their actions take place before resuming the interrupted models actions. This means that if they give orders, the newly activated unit will take their actions before the interrupted model. Chron pg. 152
A Chronomancer who is using his special ability can be interrupted by a waiting model while taking his actions.

Firstborn Swordsmen Leader: Errata: The Firstborn Swordsmen leader is armed with a Straightsword and a Shield. Chron pg. 147 Please note that this errata has been corrected in later printings of Chronopia

Firstborn Judge/Enlightened: Q: The rules claim that both figures try to slay panicked units in range. If they kill a panicked unit all other panicked units in LOS automatically rally. Does this only work with friendly units or even with enemy units?
A: Only friendly units. Chron pg. 152

Heavy Bladed Crossbow: Clarification: A Heavy Bladed Crossbow may be used in CC. The dam is 6 when used in CC as listed on the reference sheet. Chron pg. 153/Reference Sheet

Judge: Clarification: The Judge must spend actions as normal to kill a model in it’s army. The Judge must charge into base to base contact with the model. The Judge does not need to roll to kill the model. The Judge may only do this to a panicked unit that is not possessed or controlled. Chron pg 152

Nightwalker: Rules Change and Clarification: When the Nightwalker model uses its special ability to throw 3 Thin Bladed Throwing Dirks as one action the following rules are used to determine the effect. You must roll to hit for each dirk. The enemy model only makes one armor save against the entire attack. The damage for the attack depends on how many dirks hit. If one dirk hits the enemy model must make a save against damage five, if two dirks hit damage ten, and if three dirks hit the armor roll is again damage fifteen. The damage is considered to be coming from a single attack. Any effects that reduce the dam, such as a shield, subtract from the total damage, not from each dirk. Chron pg. 151 & 153

Sons of Kronos: Q: Are Sons of Kronos are considered missile troops?
A: No, they are not missile troops. Chron pg. 117

Sons of Kronos: Q: Are the Sons of Kronos only able to throw their spears when they charge or can they do it without charging?
A: They can throw their spears without charging. Chron pg.150

Time Stop: Clarification: When a successful Time Stop is cast the Chronomancer receives an additional set of actions at the end of his turn. This does not mean he has gained another turn. Any actions which can only be performed once a turn cannot be done during these additional actions. The Chronomancer may not cast a spell that he cast with his “first” set of actions. Chron pg. 154


The Spear is a two-handed polearm. SOK pg. 88
The Spirit Staff is a two-handed polearm. SOK pg. 88

Barbed Spear: Q: Is the Barbed Spear a missile weapon in addition to a CC weapon? In other words, can my Tribesmen throw it when not engaged in HtH?
A: No. SoK pg. 88

Chariot: Q: If I move a chariot does the rider also use an action?
A: No, as explained in the rules chariot and passengers may expend actions in any order. It is legal to have a chariot warrior take an action, then have the chariot take two actions, then have the warrior take it’s remaining actions. SoK pg. 65-67

Hearthguard: Errata: The following should be added to the structure of the Hearthguard.
Up to 1 Standard Bearer
Up to 1 Horn Blower SoK pg. 81

Stunned counter: Clarification: The stunned counters are used in conjuction with the Ice Storm Climate and terrain effect. SoK pg.74

Sword of Gwrnach: Clarification: The Sons of Kronos and Black Sisters from the main rulebook are considered “Sons of Kronos” models with regard to the Sword of Gwrnach. SoK pg. 91-93

Thrown Weapon: Q: Do the same rules apply to a thrown weapon as to a missile weapon when fired into close combat? (i.e. If the model you are charging is already engaged do you stand a chance of hitting your own model?)
A: Yes SoK pg. 71

Warhounds: Q: Are the Warhounds be immune to panic?
A: No. SoK pg. 83


The Gilded Polearm is a two-handed polearm/lance. LTR pg 92
The Talon-Spear is a two-handed polearm. LTR pg 92

Desert Wyrm: Clarification: While the Desert Wyrm is tunneling it may only be attacked with CC weapons. Template weapons or spells that target the area above ground do not affect it. You do not receive any charge bonuses if you attack the Desert Wyrm while it is tunneling. LTR pg. 91

The Drugged: Errata: The Drugged may not take any attack actions, they can only perform move actions and then only under a Stygian troops control. LoTR pg. 91

Embalmed: Clarifications:
Strength and charge bonuses are added to the Throwing Spear damage when the Embalmed throws spears.
Can throw their spears if they are not charging into combat, they may only throw one spear per action. LoTR pg. 88

Greater Desert Worm: Clarification: Since this is not a normal save the level is not subtracted from the LD save the affected model’s need to make against the spell. LTR pg. 93

Sandstorm: Clarification: The Sandstorm lasts for the entire game unless it moves off the board. LoTR pg. 94

Sisters of Tiamat: Q: Do the Sisters of Tiamat have a 360 degree arc of combat and LOS, and can each head attack a separate model, as long as each model is in base to base contact?
A: Yes, and Yes up to five models during a single action. LoTR pg. 89

Tree Devil: Errata:
Is Immune to Panic and Fear
Is Cold Blooded
Cannot be detected by the Sense Presence special ability
Can be interrupted by a Chronomacer or Enlightened using their special ability.
Optional Rules for the Tree Devil’s Unseen Assailant ability. Depending on your style of play you may wish to increase the Tree Devil’s reliance on terrain. We suggest the following options. Feel free to adjust the ranges depending on the type and density of terrain you are employing.
For games with a lighter amount of cover: The Tree Devil may only use the Unseen Assailant special ability within 3 inches of ANY type of terrain or cover. The range is extended to 6 inches if the terrain is jungle, swamps or pools.
For games with heavier amounts of cover: The Tree Devil may only use the Unseen Assailant special ability within 1 inch of ANY type of terrain or cover. The range is extended to 3 inches if the terrain is jungle, swamps or pools. TFL pg. 78

Venom Spawn: Clarification: The Venom Spawn’s attack is considered a normal missile attack and you must roll to hit as normal. LTR pg. 90


Shaman Lore: Q: Can shamans concentrate or aim when using spells that involve MW stat?
A: They may not concentrate but they may aim. TFL pg. 64, 65
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