Thorn of the Lotus

Thorn of the Lotus (1) Costs: 89
1313-13 3244 15-42

Special Rules:
- Outmaneuver
- Eagle Eye
- Swamp Warrior
- Climb
- Stalk
- Secondary Attack
- Commanding Presence
- Steadfast
- The Thorn of the Lotus coats their Blowpipe darts and Longsword with a powder made from the Yellow Lotus Flower. Any model hit by an attack from the Thorn of the Lotus and survives must make a successfull LD test, it the Model fails the LD test he is considered to be drugged and can do nothing for the rest of the turn, if the Target Model fails the LD test with a natural 20 then the Model dies. Remove any wait counters a targeted model may have and place a Drugged counter next to the effected model.
- The Thorn of the Lotus is armed with an Extended Blowpipe and a Longsword.

Extended Blowpipe714216(x2)ROF = 1/1

First version from 16.12.2012. Last version from 07.02.2022.

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