Order of Vengeance Dragon Singer

The Order of Vengeance has been determined to be collection of Dracon Clan survivors who have dedicated themselves to the destruction of all things Elven. They have spent their decades in exile in the harsh Feral Dark of their Ringhold, becoming practiced in surviving in the worst conditions with the threat of hungry predators ever present. The Dwarves of thos Order are stoic and betray no emotion whatsoever, even when faced with their hated nemesis the Elves. They attack in practiced groups and do not falter under the withering fear caused by many of the Devout's demons.

Dragon Singers are specialized members of the Order who have retained their knowledge of communicating and soothing Dragons from the days when they groomed these great beasts in the aeries of their Ringhiold. They can communicate with Dragon-kind through a series of sound they make that, to the unknowing, simply sound like singig. Even the drug-addled Dragonbane that the Elves currendy breed recognize this tongue and respond to it.

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