Horned Ones Raiders

As war has spread throughout the lands of Chronopia, the races have had to adapt to the needs of battle, altering their troops and tactics to accommodate the lands they battle in. The Horned Warriors are just such an adaptation, being designed to move easily through the harsh deserts of the southern lands as well as the mountainous climes of the north. The horned Torkha that these warriors ride come from the harsh climes of the Horned Ones and take little training to survive the heat of the south. Sure footed and powerful, these mounts make the perfect steed for the Horned Ones specialized fast assault force.

The bladed flails wielded by the Raiders can carve a savage path through their enemies and the powerful horns of the Torkha have sent many an Orc flying through the air battered and near death.

Horned Ones Raiders
Horned Ones Raider
1999 Target Games

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