The World of Chronopia

It is a dark time.

The Old Gods have deserted the world.

A new dark pantheon of Gods watches over the earth and feeds upon the spoils of war; a banquet of souls slain on the wretched battlefields of Chronopia.

Since the Day of Dread nothing has been the same, the past is now but a forgotten dream. Storm clouds mass on all horizons, dark and brooding, shot with blood red, as the tides of war thunder back and forth across a blistered and broken land.

One man took it upon himself to save his people in a breathtaking and desperate quest. To conquer the time-streams and be reborn. To battle with evil when it finally manifests itself upon the world.

The Eternal Tower of Chronopia
The Eternal Tower of Chronopia

High in the Eternal Tower of Chronopia, the One King sits alone, his mind studying the great and expansive time streams, with their countless possibilities. Looking into futures and pasts, he tries to determine a path among the myriad possibilities that spring from every point in time.

Visions wracked the One King, nightmares born of doubt. Had his actions brought about the terrible events he sought to avoid? What subtleties and nuances must be brought to bear to fashion a future free of this Dark Prophecy?

I see Him sometimes in the dark and sinister shadows, from the corners of my vision. He is not powerful enough yet. However, it will not be long. He is twisting and worming his way into the very fabric of our rea1itq and existence.

But now the time is coming.

The world is at a turning point finely balanced. United, the morta1 races might survive his hell-spawned onslaught. Divided they will certainly fall.

This is the age of Chronopia, a time of War in the Eternal Realm.

A citadel from a Dark Prophet
A citadel from a Dark Prophet

Chronopia: War in the Eternal Realm is a dynamic skirmish game set in a world of Dark Fantasy. In this game, players simulate the epic battles of the various Empires of Chronopia during its tumultuous Fourth Age. During this period, the tensions of the Third Age have been replaced with a growing hostility that threatens to destroy all the lands and plunge the world into final darkness.

In Chronopia: War in the Eternal Realm each player will take on the leadership of one of the many nations of the Realms. There are eight mighty Empires contained in this book alone with more to come. Before choosing your army, make sure to read through the nationīs histories and information thoroughly. Once you have done this, select the army that best suits your style of play or most directly stirs your passions. Each nation has many different elements that makes it unique in the world of Chronopia and as such will present a limitless selection of options for you to enjoy.

Once you have chosen your army it will be time to select the troops that you will lead into battle. Chronopia isnīt a game that relies on the strengths of only one model, but rather the abilities of a diverse collection of warriors all working towards a common goal. You will populate your army with warbands of close combat warriors, soldiers trained in all manner of weaponry from swords to axes; missile weapon warbands that will rain death down upon their enemies in great volleys; and Individuals like spell casters or fearsome monsters or even mighty war chariots. Whatever the case, you will create a diverse army with which to recreate the epic struggles of the Empires of the Fourth Age of Chronopia. You will populate your forces with miniatures and models available from Excelsior Entertainment.

A Nameless of the Devouts in the Battle
A Nameless of the Devouts in the Battle

These models will represent your own style of waging war and will be selected for your tastes. Once you have chosen your warriors you will need to paint them. A well-painted army will bring your games to life and seize your imagination with the epic battles you will recreate. There are many resources to help you learn how to paint your miniatures and we recommend that you practice and try new techniques- the results will well be worth it.

You will need a few things to begin your epic journey into the realms of Chronopia. Most important are this rule book, some Chronopia miniatures from the extensive Chronopia line, Warband Unit Cards (which come with each model), a twenty-sided die (d20), a ruler or measuring tape, and a pen. In addition to these items you may need some of the counters and templates found in the back of this book. You will also need a place to engage your armies in battle. This can be an inspiring custom war game table that you have spent a great amount of time creating or it can be as simple as a dining room table or a stretch of floor. The site of a well-designed table however, with your armies spread out before you will do wonders to fire the imaginations and invigorate your play. There are numerous resources for how to create battlefields and just as many manufactured resources to draw upon. Excelsior also makes a line of battlefield accessories that can be used in your game.

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