"The sun is setting on a Dark World. It is a time of uncertainty and treachery as kin fights kin in a bitter struggle for domination and survival. It is a time of heroic deeds and blasphemous evil. It is the age of Chronopia."

Cover of the old (left) and revised (right) Rulebook

Chronopia is a 28mm-Skirmish-Fantasy-System.
In principle there are two kinds of strategy plays: Skirmish and rank & file. First turns around smaller engagements in loose formation, the other tells large mass battles with arranged army rows.
Chronopia alternating activation of the units, different actions, basing on d20īs and the general simplicity and an nice playing speed. All this was formed by Target Games into an extremely flexible and innovative game.

Short product history
The TableTop Chronopia came out 1997. Producer was Target Games UK. In the early 1990 years, was Chronopia an edition from the Swedish RPG-System "Drakar och Demoner". Many aspects of the RPG goes into the TableTop story.
The success from Chronopia supplies other products, for example boxes, magazines, further rulebooks and more. In planning was last a Empire Chronopia system (10 mm figures and Rank&File).
But Target Games UK goes down 1999/2000.

At the beginning of 2001 received the american company Excelsior Entertaiment from the right owner Paradox Entertainment for five years a license for the TableTop-Systems Chronopia. After a set of initial problems and a restructuring from a dealer to a producer the first new products for Chronopia arrived on the market starting from end of 2001. This were tin figures for the Swamp Goblins and the Unit Cards. At the end of of 2002 appeared then the revised 2.Edition of the rules for Chronopia.

Up to the end of the not-extended license end of 2005 appeared only to a few new figures.

Since 2020 received the german company Uhrwerk-Verlag a license from the right Owner Cabinet Licensing LLC (Ex Paradox Entertainment).

After one year for product designing and previews starts end March 2022 the first Kickstarter for Chronopia.

Descriptions of Chronopia

First version from 08.12.2012. Last version from 06.02.2022.

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