Black Sister
Black Sister
The Firstborn are humans freed from centuries of slavery by the return of the One King. Their Knights have forged a new kingdom from the old and built the most brilliant of cities, Chronopia, on the ashes of the One King´s ancient home. The One King is beyond life and death. Leading his people from the Eternal Palace in the heart of Chronopia, he has learned more of the secrets of time and existence than any other being alive. Following his execution, three decades after the Founding, his soul traveled to Hell, where he fought the Dark One and closed the soul-soaked gates of Hell. Returning to the mortal world with secrets of unimaginable power. He taught those closest to him, creating the cult of the Chronomancers. These sorcerers played a significant part in his victory over the Triad. Their ability to channel the very energy of time and reality has decided many a battle. Seven Eternal Towers have been constructed across the land, each in one of the Seven Kingdoms of the Firstborn. The towers provide a place for the mages to practice and refine their art, as well as aiding the princes appointed to rule the provinces in the name of the king.

The new order established by the One King includes many warrior cults that are becoming renowned throughout the lands. The Repulsar Knights are among the most proud. Their elaborate armor and immense battle-prowess make them the leaders of the One King´s vast imperial Army. Following the Great Treachery, when the Dark Prophets tried to usurp the One King, the One King formed the elite order of Judges, who travel across the kingdoms seeking out the Dark Prophets` followers. other cults have been created by the One King to strengthen the Firstborn´s hold on their domain. The mighty Imperial Knights provide the mainstay of the army, while the merciless Black Sisters are often seen at the forefront of any conflict. Trained in the ways of battle from birth, they have forsworn any other love, than that of the blade. Their male equivalent is the mighty Iron Guard, who control the main cities, keeping the peace and protecting the royal palace. Less well known are the Deathwalkers, Imperial Assassins who are raised in the shadows and kill without sound or warning. All the warrior cults are linked by two oaths all Firstborn swear: A pledge to serve the One King and to never be enslaved again.


Close Combat Warbands: Black Sisters, Desert Crusader, Iron Guard, Macemen, Swordsmen, The Burning Blades
Missile Weapon Warbands: Crossbowmen, Longbowmen
Close Combat Individuals: Black Sister Champion, Chronomancers, Earl: Swordmaster Noble, Enlightened, Exemplar - Order of the Knights Temporal, Mounted Axemen, Mounted Knights, Nightwalkers, Repulsar Knights, Repulsar Lord of the Order Mallus, The Judge, War Chariot
Missile Weapon Individuals: Repulsar Knight Marksmen


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