Dark Eye
Dark Eye
Twisted beyond the darkest imaginings of Man, the Devout are the most serious threat ever to face Chronopia. Led by the Dark Prophets, The Infernal Four who betrayed the One King and their Firstborn kin with their prayers to the Dark God, the Devout are demons of the foulest kind. The Tormented, The Betrayed, the skeletal warriors known as the Risen and their Necromancer masters, Shadow Hearts, Soul Wraiths... these creatures and more can be found in the fetid ranks of the Devout.

The irony and sadness is once, the Four Infernal Ones were the Firstbornīs saviors. They were the ones chosen by the One King to herald his rebirth. In the Firstbornīs darkest hour, when they were little more than cattle to their Triad masters, these four started to see visions of a savior uniting the enslaved against their oppressors. A new king, returning them to the days of power, when the Firstborn ruled a kingdom envied by all. When they were feared by all, not living in fear. The Four Prophetīs names are now dark curses. Negral Zarī Akin, the grim and sullen warrior whose upbringing in the court of the Obsidian Duke Valymir left scars of hatred that never healed. The divinely Beautiful Aleha, whose dusky skin was said to have driven men to untold acts of heroism. Lokoth Aī Kallach, the barbaric untamed wiseman, whose dark visions caused him to be exiled from the Sons of Kronos. Finally, the thin and capricious scholar known only as Nemeth, who was said to have poisoned a whole family of Orc nobility before fleeing into the west to preach of the coming of the New King. These four were brought together by their visions and slowly caused hope to live again amongst their kind. They formed the Devout, a hidden order of Firstborn dedicated to spreading news of the One Kingīs life - and of the king to come. When they located their new savior, they taught him the arts of war and court, preparing him for his destiny and saving him from the myriad threats he faced as a youth. When the One King revealed himself and the Firstborn were once again masters of their own destiny, the Darkening began. Although some say the Prophets were always the lapdogs of the Dark One, most scholars believe it was their jealousy of the One Kingīs power and kingdom that drove them to His charnel ways.

Envious of the One Kingīs popularity, they attempted to seize control of the land themselves, first with a puppet warrior claiming to be the One King reborn. For a while the new kingdom was ravaged by civil war. On one side the One King and the Firstborn, on the other, the Four Prophets and their Devout followers, who were quickly turning more and more to their demonic lord for power. It was following their defeat that the One King made his most terrible mistake - he let them live. Exiled from the Firstborn kingdoms, the Dark Prophets took their followers to the four corners of the known world, through the Dreadlands and beyond. On what became known as the Dead March, they were joined by others of their kind, who had spent centuries plotting in the heart of the other races. Dwarves of the treacherous Jackal Clan from Kelaak Ket, Elves from Kerios and the Obsidian Order itself. Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and even Ogres from the Emperorīs Palace.

For two decades, nothing was heard of the Dark Prophets as they constructed their nebulous spires and grim necropoli. Their return began with the death of thousands. Unprepared for an onslaught from the wilderness, all the races suffered horrendous losses before their own forces could be raised to block the Devoutīs terrible advance. Many of those who fell to them in battle now serve the Devout - as the Necromancerīs carrion beast have purified them into the skeletal warriors known as the Risen. With their dreaded kin, they will not rest until Chronopia is burning with their vile pestilence and the whole world worships them as their dark saviors.
At the center of the foulness and bloodshed are the Dark Prophets. Their humanity long since gone, it is said they feed on the souls and flesh of the slain and newborn to survive. With their dark blessing, the Devout are bringing fear and death to every corner of Chronopia.


Close Combat Warbands: Blood Hunters, Blood Knights, Cursed, Dark Eyes, Demon Wings, Dusk Realm Warriors, Greatswordsmen, Risen Warrior, Swordsmen, The Forgotten, Wailers
Missile Weapon Warbands: Jackel Clan Crossbowmen, Risen Archers
Close Combat Individuals: Abyss Crawler, Bone Golem, Charnel Golem, Dusk Realm Demon, Harbinger of the Darkwings, Jackel Clan Scout, Shadow Stalker, Stalker, The Damned, The Nameless, The Necromancer, The Soul Flayer, The Tormented, The Unholy Champion,The Warped Lord


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