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Kickstarter launched.

Chronopia 3.0: Previews Pics.


Kickstarter Updates Part 4

Many months sincce the last updates.

Here the list.


Official Chronopia Forum

The old Excelsior Forum has accompanied us Chronopia fans for twenty years.
For a few days there has been an official forum for Chronopia on the part of the Uhrwerk-Verlag.
Url: https://www.chronopia.world/forum/


Kickstarter is finished

The first issue of the 3rd edition Kickstarter is finished.

309 supporters with a focus on Europe and the USA not only financed the 1st wave, but also unlocked a bunch of other characters from the second wave and additional free things in the final sprint.

A fantastic result.

The latest updates:


Kickstarter funded

Since 15.04. is the Kickstarter funded. Today, we arrived the 3rd Stretch Goal.

The last 12 Updates.

13. Funding is nigh!
More Infos to the Bonus for Infantryboxes.

14. Rules - Cavalry Charge!
Next Rule Video.
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTwrnaFlVp4

15. Kickstarter Funded! Chronopia is back!
Kickstarter is funded!

16. 1st Stretch Goal Reached
Info to the first Stretch Goal.

17. Kickstarter Graphics updated! New videos!
-> Chronopia Demo Pack Battle - Devout vs. Crystal Lotus Elves Kickstarter Funding Livestream
-> ong Lost Fantasy Wargame Returns! Fans Reboot CHRONOPIA & You Wont Want To Miss it!
-> Einladung zum Discord: https://discord.com/invite/JU8Q8neQ7k

18. Careful for whom the Judge comes knocking...
Info to the second Stretch Goal.

19. Infantry Bundle! Everyone was waiting for!
Infantry Bundle as Addon for 69 Euro!

20. Army Bundle!
Army Bundle without Rulebox and Starterbox.

21. Collectible poster next!
2nd Stretch Goal arrived and Infos to the next Goal.

22. New Battle Report!
-> Chronopia - Battle Report (Demo Pack)

23. 3rd Stretch Goal Unlocked!
3rd Stretchgoal arrived.

24. Strong winds are howling on the windows of Chronopia.
Infos to the next Goal.

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