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Late Pledge (Kickstarter).

Chronopia 3.0: Previews Pics.


News to production and more

More and more details about the status of the production became known along with various other information.

Here is the latest news from the Kickstarter:


Beta Rules online

Important news: The beta rules can be downloaded by the backers.
Everyone else can still buy this via the following link:

Here is the latest news from the Kickstarter:


Kickstarter Updates Part 5

In the last months are view updates with pics from rulebook, stl files and minis. Here are:


Link to the STL files have been sent

The emails for the STLs from the Kickstarter to the Dropbox have been sent.
Three Dropbox for the Templates, Terrain and the Blood Hunter.

If you have not received an email, please contact us with your Kickstarter / Gamefound email address to

Below the Blood Hunter Model Scale. 4cmx4cmx5cm.

Blood Hunter

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