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Special Abilities

Backstab, Beheading, Berserk, Blind Fighting, Blood Frenzy, Brace, Chameleon, Cleave, Climb, Cold Blooded, Commanding Presence, Desert Warrior, Eagle Eye, Execution, Feast, Feint, Ferocity, Field Commander, Forest Warrior, Group Attack, Hail of Arrows, Hardy, Hate, Hide, Hunter, Ice Warrior, Immunity, Indomitable Will, Inspiration, Killing Stroke, Leap, Magic Resistance, Outmaneuver, Ram Attack, Resiliance, Secondary Attack, Sense Presence, Shield Wall, Stalk, Steadfast, Stealth, Subterranean Warrior, Swamp Warrior, Trample, Tunnel, Unseen Assailant, Warmaster,


Combat is a confused, bloody melee and warriors must adapt many skills to survice its rigors. While some are trained with the blade or bow, other warriors are taught to take advantage of an enemies poor positioning by mastering critical strikes to an unprotected flank.

Units with this special ability are skilled in attacking enemy units from behind in Close Combat (i.e. from the modelīs rear facing). When doing so they add +2 to the damage of their attack. Models attempting to Backstab must be in the rear facing of the target model at the start of the turn. They may not begin in the model`s front facing and Move round to the back, such an attempt would allow the targeted model to anticipate the attack and turn to meet it. Since a Backstab is made from the rear arc of the target, no shield bonuses may be applied if a shield is present. To represent this the defending player must subtract the Shield bonus from its DEF modifier for the attacker to gauge an accurate attack.

Example: I the target has a DEF of -3 and possesses a standard shield, the target would now a DEF of -2 (-3 + 1 = -2).


Model "A" may strike at the target using the Backstab Ability as he is in the rear facing. Model "B" cannot use this ability from its current facing.


Should a model with this ability take the last wound from an enemy with a roll of 4 or less, they have succeeded in decapitating their foe completely. Enemy models within 6 inches and LOS will be affected by a shocking feeling of Panic for the remainder of the turn. So disheartening is their effect that the enemy LD tests are conducted at a -2 penalty.
By contrast, friendly models within 6 inches and LOS gain a +2 to their LD for the remained of the turn. Panicked models within range and LOS will rally. Models greater than one SZ category than they are or models without a visible head may not be beheaded in this manner.


Blades whirling with reckless abandon, mouths frothing and eyes wild with a combat induced "blindness", Berserkers are a terrifying force to behold. To many, these warriors fight with the kind of reckless abandon that "civilized" warriors fail to understand. To others, they are merely madmen to be avoided at all costs and brought down safely with missile fire.

A unit with this Special Ability may choose to go into a Berserker rage and attack an enemy model with increased ferocity. You must state you are going to Berserk before you enter combat (this does not take an Action). When in this rage the Berserking model gets a +4 to his CC and a +2 to his ST, however because he is blinded by the haze of his anger, he gets a +4 to his DEF.

Example: A DEF -2 would now become a DEF +2 (DEF -2 + 4 = +2. A DEF 0 would become a DEF +4, etc.

A usual he must attack the nearest enemy model in LOS. The rage ends at the end of the turn in which the Berserkersīs target is killed or the Berserker dies. Units in a Berserker rageare Immune to Panic and Fear; if Berserkers are part of a Warband the entire Warband must be Berserked to be Immune to Panic and Fear. You may not go Berserk if panicked.

Blind Fighting

Trained for years to rely on senses other than their eyes, these warriors suffer no penalties for fighting in darkness. They need no light to sense their quarry and may attack as normal. Models with Blind Fighting may use only Close Combat attacks to strike.

Blood Frenzy

Some warriors are highly sensitive to the smells of carnage and are psychologically unhinged by the sight of blood and death. These troops are often seen as rabid and chaotic death dealers and while they are dangerous opponents, they are difficult for a commander to control. Once the smell of blood and the sight of death stirs them to a frenzy, they acknowledge no leader or command.

A Unit with this special ability reacts violently to the scent of blood. If any model dies within 6 inches of a member of a Warband with this ability, the entire Warband will go into a crazed fury unless they make an LD test at a -4 penalty. If a unit fails this test, it will use all of its Actions to reach the nearest enemy Unit in LOS, and attempt to destroy it.

Once in Close Combat they will attack the enemy until the entire Unit is killed or all the frenzied Units die. The Blood Frenzy will end once the last member of the target Unit is dead, though it will start again with the next fresh kill within 6 inches of a Unit with this ability.

A unit incited by the Blood Fury attacks with a +1 CC bonus.


While size ist a powerful factor in the war of races, nothing speaks as eloquently as a leveled spear tat is braced with the earth. Units of Spearmen that have trained in this tactic are adept at breaking charges and stopping the advance of almost all troops.

When a Model with this Specvial Ability is Charged while on Wait, they may remove their Wait counters and Brace spears ready to impale the oncoming Units. The models Bracing gets to hit the Charging Unit befoe the Charging Unit gets to attack them. The Braced Unit receives the bonuses as if they had Charged (+1 CC, +1 DAM) abd negates the bonus effect of the enemy Charge. So, if the charging unit survives the attack they attack as normal, without their bonus to CC and DAM.

It is a very brave (or foolhardy) unit that attacks a Waiting Unit with the Brace Ability.


To be "seend and yet unseen" as the Elves refer to it, is a much feared ability in the armies of Chronopia. There are those who are trained to blend in with their surroundings, matching its lights and dark shadows with expert precision. These warriors have beend known to cut down soldiers from close ranges and remain as ghosts to those seeking them.

Any model with this special ability can blend into its surroundings extremely well.

Because of this exceptional camouflage all models trying to shoot them get a -6 penalty to their RC. If a model successfully spots a model with the Chameleon Special ability then this penalty is reduced to -2.

When attempting to spot a Chameleon model there is a -8 penalty before any additional modifiers for range and cover are applied. Once Spotted the entire Warband can see the Camouflaged model more clearly until the beginning of the next turn at which point a further successful Spot roll is required to reduce the RC penalty from -6 to -2.

Example: An Elven archer attempt to shoot a Stygian with the Chameleon Special ability as it approaches, so his RC of 13 is reduced to 7. He fails to find mark and his companion decides to use his Actions to try and spot the elusive target. The penalty to his spot roll is - 8 and his LD is 11, so he must roll a 3 or less to succeed. He fails with his first Action and gains the +4 modifier for his second attempt. He rolls a 6 and although his turn is over, the rest of his Warband benefit from his efforts and can fire at a reduced penalty of -2, but only for the remainder of the turn.


Models with this Sspecial Ability may, under certain conditions, sever the torso of their opponent. If the resulting to hit roll of the attack that took their opponent’s last wound was less than a roll of four, they will have succeeded in bisecting their foe into two bloody halves. Models may not cleave opponents that are larger than one SZ value greater than they are, or opponents that do not have an apparent body.

If the cleaving attack is scored, enemy models within 4 inches will be required to make a Morale test against fear with a -3 penalty to their leadership. The affect lasts until the models next activation when they again activate us normal.

Friendly mortal models within 4 inches have their LD stat increased by 3 for any tests against their LD that they must make until their next activation.


Height is often an advantage in warfare and being able to scale difficult terrain in order to gain advantage is a much sought after skill in a Warband. Full units of soldiers capable of scaling walls, trees and steep hills make for determined and creative opponents.

Units with this Special Ability are expert climbers and can climb vertical terrain and buildings with a greatly reduced chance of falling and at a greater speed. Models with the Climb Special Ability can Climb an extra 1 inch per Action and will only fall on a roll of a 20.

Cold Blooded

Being cold blooded is often misunderstood. Unable to process internal amounts of heat their own, these beings draw their life-sustaining warmth from their environments. As one would expect, Warriors with this ability are at home in the warmer realms of Chronopia and avoid the colder oneswith determination.

Although referred to as a Special Ability, being Cold Blooded is more of a detriment than an advantage. When a Cold Blooded unit is hit by a Cold Based attack the damage is increased by 4. For example, a Damage 13 ice spell attack will now be considered a Damage 17 attack against a Cold Blooded unit. In addition any unit with the Cold Blooded Special Ability gets a -1 to their MV stat when fighting in a "cold climate".

Cold Blooded models do not suffer from certain climativ effects such as Heat Wave and Heatstroke as detailed in the Desert Climate effects.

Commanding Presence

Individuals possessed with a Commanding Presence may offer the warriors in their army additional leadership. They may use a Give Orders action per activation and can also attempt to use a Rally action to Ralkly other units with their powerful field presence. Rules for Rallying troops and Giving Orders apply as usual.

Desert Warrior

Some are born with it; others gain it from years of training and arduous conditioning. The ability of the Desert Warriors is a rare as it is difficult to acquire, especially considering the harsh climes of Chronopiaīs violent deserts.

Models with this Special Abiity are completely at home in sand and deserts. They suffer no Movement penalties when moving through the rough terrain of a desert nature. Units with the Desert Warrior Special Ability cannot Run through Desert terrain and suffer no ill effects from the heat.

Eagle Eye

Trained for year to be able to target any enemy model through the din of battle, warriors possessed of this skill are often accorded high status amongst their peers. Able to forgo the most obvious targets in favor of a much more dangerous and distant adversary has made these warriors both highly sought after and equally feared.

This ability allows the unit to shoot at any enemy model in a Warband; they donīt have to fire at the closest model in the Warband, though they still need LOS to the target.

Eagle Eye


New Special Ability from the new Rulebook "Cerulan Mists".


The lands of Chronopia are a feral and dark place, fraught with savage creatures and dire monsters. Some creatures, doomed to an existence of ghoulish needs are able to derive sustenance and vitality from the very dead about them. Labeled necrovores, these creatures are the stuff of childrenīs nightmares throughout Chronopia.

The sight of a creatures feasting on the dead is one of the most unnerving sights imaginable. To see your fallen comrade in armes becoming the sustenance of a vile monster is enough to shaken most warriors. Add to this the apparend strength this corpse meal provides to the monster and most warriors run in terror.

A unit with this special ability may feed upon a slain opponent and by doing so regain lost wounds. Any model with this ability may go into base-to-base contact with an OPPONENTS DEAD model and spend one Action to feast on the enemy to regain 1 lost wound. Once a model has been fed upon it is removed from the table. This ability mal only be used if the Unit has lost wounds, and may not be done to gain more wounds than the unit started with. Additionally, it may only be performed once per turn. Skeletons and "Risen" models are no considered viable targets for this ability.

A unit within six inches of a model feasting must makke an LD test ir be forced to move away from the vile display. If the unit fails its LD test, it must spend at least one action moving away from the feasting model. It must make another check for each subsequent action to see if it must continue putting distance between itself and the feasting model or if it can gather its wits and resume its normal actions.


Cunning and possessed of an eerie ability to misdirect his opponent, models with this skill are superior combatants.

By using this ability you can mislead your opponent and catch them unaware. Units with the Feint Special Ability ignore their opponentīs inherent negative DEF modifier when attacking though they must still contend with any Shield modifier.


While some warriors are possessed of a nearly mad frenzy in battle, there are those desperate or resolved warriors, who by nature of their vast experience have accepted their possible death, embraced its inevitability and harnessed it into a dangerous weapon. These warriors are marked on the battlefield of Chronopia by their amazing feats of strength and savage prowess.

Units with this special ability are exceptionally ferocious and Charge/Countercharge into Close Combat with great savagery. They receive an additional +1 to the normal Charge bonuses to CC and Damage.

Field Commander

While the Exemplar is a feared and respected presence in the armies of the Firstborn, he is not able to command them with the broad powers of other leaders and knights. As a Field Commander, the Exemplar may spend an action to become part of a warband of Knightīs Temporal and assume command of it. A routed warband of Knights Temporal may be reformed into a new unit under the Exemplarīs command should he successfully rally them. He may also Give Orders to a warband of Knights Temporal or Firstborn War Machines only. His ability to Give Orders to these specific units extends to 8 inches.

Forest Warrior

To "walk with the calm of a breeze like the Untamed do" is an expression from the Firstborn lands that recognizes their skills at fighting within the often tangled confines of the deep woods. Moving deftly over roots and rocks, a warrior trained with this skill leaves no mark of his passing and seems to travel as if unimpeded by the forests of Chronopia. Equally at home in the dense woods as in the open field, a forest warrior trains for years to understand the nature of the wooded realms.

Units with this Special Ability are completely at home in forests and woods. They suffer no Movement penalties when moving through rough terrain of a wooded nature. Units with the Forest Warrior Special Ability cannot Run through wooded terrain.

Group Attack

Some creatures make up for their lack of stature with impressive skills or deadly magics. Others rely simply on their peers. Using numbers to overwhelm their enemies, these warriors prefer to engage their foes in such as way as to allow them to swarm their foes relentlessy.

Models with Group Attack are better trained at fighting as a team. When two or more models, with this Special Ability, attack a single model in Close Combat they again even more of an advantage than normal troops. For every friendly model already engaging the enemy, they gain an additional +1 to their CC and DAM, in addition to the regular multiple attackers bonus. (See multiple attackers).

Hail of Arrows

The skies darken and the battle grows eerily silent. The enemy archers have seemingly stopping attacking. Too late it that one realizes that the darkness encroaching them is caused by the combined fire of the entire warband who unleased their arrows all at once. Covering a vast area, a Hail of Arrows attack represents the height of a missile weapons power and the precision of a highly trained force.

When a group of archers in a Warband has this Special Ability they may unleash a lethal Hail of Arrows at their enemy.

This Special Ability requires all models to spend all their Actions for the turn. You must declare a Hail of Arrows attack before you measure the range to the target. The Leader (By type or designation in the event of a Leaderless Warband) of the firing Unit must have LOS to any model of the target Unit. Hail of Arrows may not be used against Individual models.

The range is measured from the Leader of the firing Unit, to any target model if the target Unit. The range of the target must be over the weaponīs MD but within the weaponīs MX range. If the Leader of the target Unit is not between MD and MX range, then the attack fails and the firing Unitīs Actions are wasted. If the Leader of the target Unit is between MD and MX range, then the Leader must make an LD test to see if the attack successful. If it is successful the Hail of Arrows template is centered on the target model. If it fails, the template deviates per the rules for deviation.

Each member of the firing Unit, aside from the Leader, now scores an automatic hit. If there are more models in the firing Unit, than the target Unit, then some models will take two or more hits. (In this case all models under the template must take 1 hit before another model takes 2 etc.) Extra hits are assigned randomy by roll of the dice. If there are fewer warriors in the firing Unit than in the target Unit, the targeted unitīs models are determined randomy. If there are models not from the targeted Unit but are still under the template they are hit by the Hail of Arrows also. Models that are in cover due to tree or jungle terrain gain a +6 AR bonus against the effects of Hail of Arrows.

Example: If you have 8 archers, plus a Leader in your Warband and the target Warband has 8 models in it, they will all take a hit automatically and must make an Armor roll or take a Wound. If the target Unit has only 3 models they will all take 2 hits automatically, and two of the models would take an additional hit.


Models that have the Hardy SA treat automatic limitations imposed by Environmental Rules as one level less than they actually are.


Some models have an intense loathing for an Individual, warband or race and they will go to any length to attack the focus of that hatred.

A model with the Hate Special Ability will have the subject of their animosity noted in their Profile. Sometimes certain items or places will illicit this type of deep response as well. A model afflicted with Hate must abide the following rules:
  • 1) Models may disregard standard targeting issues to focus on the object of their hatred. Models need to roll their LD +4 in the event an enemy is within 10 inches of them in order to pursue the object of their hatred. If successful they may focus on the hated model. If not, standard targeting priority applies.
  • 2) Models which cause a Morale test which are also the subject of Hate actually incite their assailant. Models add 4 to their LD when making Morale tests against hated opponents.
  • 3) Models will not willingly break from combat with a hated model.


Some models ar trained to take advantage of terrain and circumstance to make themselves disappear from enemy view; they seamlessly disappear from the enemies field of vision and prepare to reemerge from teir created cover when opportunity best present itself.

When playing Chronopia, players can see every model on the battlefield. Obviously, in a real battle this is not the case. Enemies could be concealed in ditches, rocks or tall grass, sneaking up on, or just Waiting to ambush the enemy. To simulate this, we use the Hide ability.

If your Unit has this special ability it can spend an Action to Hide, and may Hide anywhere on the table. A Hidden marker is placed beside the model. Now, in order to see the model your opponent must make a Spot roll as described earler. A model can still take damage while Hidden, if for example, a template weapon is centered on a nearby visible model and a part of the template covers the Hidden model.

If the model Moves or Fires, the Hidden marker must be removed. Unless, the model has a Special Ability stating otherwise it cannot attack while Hidden.

  • You can remain Hidden while Infiltrating, performing Stealth Action, Stalking, Waiting, Aiming, Spotting and Concentrating.
  • You cannot remain Hidden while performing any other type of Action.
  • You may not go into Hiding if you are in LOS and within 6 inches of an enemy model.
  • Hidden Model do not block Line of Sight.
  • Hidden Models may begin the game Hidden.


The Blackblood call it the "Blood Sense", the ability to feel the presence of a hidden or concealed danger. Some are gifted with an innate ability to sense the coming of danger while others train very hard to sharpen the other sense to the degree that they can feel the very presence of others.

Units with the Hunter special ability have incredibly keen senses, and are able to spot tiny giveaway signs that others might miss. Hidden models within 6 inches are automatically revealed.

Ice Warrior

The wind blows cold, a deadly chill that numbs the soul and flesh alike. To lesser beings, these climes test their measure and tax their spirits. For units with the Ice Warrior skill, these things hold no terror; they are treated as casually as a walking and overcome as naturally as breathing.

Units with the special ability are completely at home in the frozen condiitions of winter. They suffer no Movement penalties when moving through rough terrain of a snowbound or icy nature. Units with the Ice Warrior special ability cannot Run through Frozen terrain.


When a model is said to be Immune from something, the specified attack or cause has no effect on them whatsover. this could be Immunity to Panic and Fear in the case of Repulsar Knight or arrows and crossbows bolt in the case of skeletal Risen.

Some models are Immune to Fire ir Cold based attacks, in most cases such attacks will be obvious. It will be stated in the Weaponīs or spellīs description if they are a Cold or Fire based attack.

Indomitable Will

Wheter it is a mental malady, the result intense training or strange personality quirk there are those who minds are absolutely resolute in their decisions and clarity. They are beyond the understanding of most races and seem to view life and others with an unnerving detachment.

Models with Indomitable Will are immune to the effects of Panic, Fear and Dread; they are unable to be mentally controlled, manipulated with illusion or emotionally influenced. Against Horror they gain a +4 to their LD test.


No Information today

Killing Stroke

Years of training and drilling exercises have produced a warrior with the ability to transfer his inner strength into a devastating blow of stone shattering might. Regardless of the weapon used, warriors with the Killing Blow are formidable opponents capable of magnifying any instrument they wield.

This Special Ability simulates a particularly vicious or deadly attack. It gives the weapon in question an additional (x1) modifier.

Example: If a model with Killing Stroke special ability has a weapon with damage 13, it would now be a Damage 13(x2), if he had a 13(x2) damage, it would now be a 13(x3) etc.


He moved with the grace and speed of the wind, his powerful legs carrying him over the smaller Goblins and into the unprepared Ogres behind them.

A unit this ability can spend an action to jump up to its Size, in inches, vertically and up to 1,5 times its size horizontally. If the unit lands in Close Combat it counts as a Charge but it cannot be Countercharged. Units can also Leap over smaller units, so long as they are at least one size taller than the jumped over model to attack those behind it. Models may ignore the standard targeting priorities when jumping into a distant opponent.

Magic Resistance

The Preistess moved menacingly over the dunes, its target accuired. As it let its powerful spell fly its eyes widened as the ptent arcane energies dissipated into a harmless cloud of light and smoke, the enemy unscathed and smiling.

Models with this skill have an innate ability to resist Magic and its effect. To illustrate this, the model gets a resistance roll of a 10 or under on a d20 when he is targeted by a spell. If it succeeds the spell has no effect.


While a well trained fighting force is important in a battle, learning the lay of the land in which a battle is to be fought is an unprecedented advantage. Having surveyed the terrain and available resources, units with this ability are said to have scouted out the land and watched the enemy deployed its forces so that it may gain a strategic advantage during its own deployment.

Models with this Special Ability are deployed after all other models have been deployed. If more than one player has models with this special ability follow the normal sequence after all other models unit cards have been deployed. The unitīs card may be deployed anywhere on the tabletop, except in the enemy deployment zone or within 12 inches of enemy models. The models may be placed in LOS of enemy as long as they are in cover.

Ram Attack

Models with this special ability get a free Ram Attack as they Charge into Close Combat. Roll to hit as a normal CC attack. If the Ram attack fails (either by missing or the target saves) then resolve the Close Combat attacks using the standard Charge / Countercharge rules. Otherwise, if the Ramm attack is successful your opponent must make an Armor roll.

The Damage of the Ram Attack will vary depending on the unit. Deduct the stated damage from the victimīs armor as you would with a weapon. If the Armor roll fails, rather then takting a wound, the victim is knocking over and considered prone (just place the model on its side) and it gets no chance to counterattack.

The Ramming model may now its standard melee weapon attack (as part of the same Action) with Charge bonuses. When a model is prone it suffers a penalty of -4 to its armor and must use its next available Action to stand up.

Ramming models always attack first in a Charge / Countercharge situation unless the defending model is Braced, has a Thrown Weapon or a model uses a Missile weapon on the ramming model before it reaches base-to-base contact.


When the Count is successfully hit, he will roll twice against his armor to avoid the wound instead of the customary single roll. Should he miss both rolls, he has in fact sustained a wound.

Secondary Attack

Armed with two weapons and the skills to attack with blinding speed, units with this skill are infamous for their ability to inflict a flurry of wounds in a brief amount of time.

Any figure, which has the Secondary Attack Special Ability, gets to make an attack with their Primary weapon and an attack with their Secondary weapon in the same Action. Thatīs two attacks for one action!

When you attack with such a figure you must announce which is the primary weapon and which is the Secondary. There is a penalty of -4 to your CC when attacking with your secondary weapon.

Sense Presence

Units with this special ability are aware of all models on the tabletop. They do not see by conventional means and thereforce ordinary things do not block their vision. They can essentially "see through" terrain and they are automatically aware of Hidden models. For the purpose of LOS, units with this special ability have LOS to all models on the tabletop. This does not mean they will be able to shoot through intervening terrain but it does mean they will be affected by spells or standards such as Dark Tusk Legion standard, as this causes Fear to all enemy units within 6 inches and LOS.

As mentioned, models cannot Hide from a unit with the Sense Presence Special ability. Any friendly model within Command Distance of of a model with the Sence Presence Special Ability knows where all Hidden Models are as well.

Shield Wall

Highly trained veteran soldiers have learned the importance of working together as a unit through years of brutal warfare. They have seen the importance of depending on their fellow warriors and observed first hand the raw power that a coodinated unit possesses. There are few demonstrations of this unity as impressive as that of the Shield Wall. Trained to function as a single unit, soldiers with the Shield Wall ability represent the epitome of coordination.

When members of a Unit with this special ability are in base-to-base contact with each other and line up abreast (not single file) they are said to have formed a Shield Wall. At least two members are required to make a Shield Wall.

The Shield Wall is a very effective defense against missile fire. Unitīs firing a missile weapon at a shield wall receive a -8 to their RC when attacking a unit in a Shield Wall from its front facing. If a unit in the Shield Wall is hit by missile fire from the front, the Shield Wall increases that unitīs Armor by +6. A Shield Wall provides no additional protection template weapons.

A unit formed up in a Shield Wall and on Wait may not Countercharge, instead they can use their Action to Stand Fast.

When formed up as a Shield Wall, the unit Moves as of it was one figure. However, it loses 1 inch of its Move characteristic while in the Shield Wall, which reflects the precision required of their Movements. It can Move straightforward or straight back, or wheel using either ends as a pivot as long as no single model Moves more than its Move allows. Units cannot Run or Charge while maintaining the Shield Wall.

If the Shield Wall unit takes casualties, remove them from the end of the wall to represent the troops immediately filling gaps.

When moving as a Shield Wall, the unit can use its last Action to "break". This allows each member of the unit to use its Move individually. This may be used th Charge or just fan out to allow missle troops to fire through from behind.


Stalking, the gift of assassins and Shadow Slayers is the ability to move unseen with the speed and ease of normal units. Obstacles pose no issue for these models and tehir determination to get into close combat is unmatched.

The ability allows a Unit to activate and Move while Hidden. A Stalking model can Move as normal and ignore penalties for moving through Limiting or Rough terrain. At the time a Stalking model is revealed, be it from choice or being Spotted, the player of the Stalking Unit can place the model anywhere within a 3 inch Radius from the concealed Unit Cardīs Center point.

If this takes them into hand-to-hand then the Stalking Models gains all Charge bonuses plus a +1 to Hit and +1 to DAM. Place the model in Base-to-Bace contact behind and out of the forward facing arc of the unit that it just Charged.


Any unit with the Steadfast Special Ability is Immune to both Panic and Fear.


Any units with this Special Ability are expects at using their surrounding to their advantage. Models with Stealth can Move their full distance while Hidden. This is like an advanced version of Infiltrate. Terrain limits movement as normal.

Subterranean Warrior

Units with the special ability are completely at home in subterranean environments. When operating in underground environments they suffer no Movement penalties when moving through rough terrain of subterranean nature. Units with the Subterranean Warrior Special Ability cannot Run through subterranean terrain.

Swamp Warrior

Units with the special ability are completely at home in jungles and swamps. The suffer no Movement penalties when moving through rough terrain of a jungle or marshy nature. Units with the Swamp Warrior Special Ability cannot Run through Swamp terrain.


A unit with the Trample Special ability may Move through troops in an attempt to crush them under foot. The Trample ability is nothing more then a devastating Move Action, though when using an Action to Trample, the Model can only Move in a straight line and may only Trample models of a smaller size value. The player executing the Trample must state when it is doing so, in order to differentiate between a Trample and a Charge into Close Combat.

All enemy troops that come into base-tobase contact with a Trampling model must make a succesful Armor roll or take a wound. The Damage of the Trample will be stated in the Trampling modelīs special rules. Units on Wait may make a Dive for Cover roll to attempt to get out of way. Any units that successfully Dives for Cover manages to leap to safety and are placed at the side of the Trampling model`s path. Units caught in the path that successfully make their Armor roll, are pushed to the side of the trampling modelīs path and knocked over (prone). When a model is prone it suffer a penalty of -4 to its armor and must use its next available Action to stand up.

Units that are Braced get to make their attack before making an Armor roll to resist the effects of the Trample.


When a model has this Special Ability it may spend one Action to submerge itself below ground level (level 0). Once under ground it cannot be attacked in any way, and may only use Move Actions. Indicate the position of the tunneling creature with a Tunneling Counter.

At anytime during its turn it may spend one Action to emerge from the ground. You cannot emerge in base-tobase contact with any models and you cannot emerge on any elevated terrain that is over ground level. While a model is Tunneling it may not Run.

Unseen Assailant

Models with this Special Ability have an almost supernatural ability to ceonceal itself and blend into its surroundings, and can gain entry to places that appeared completely secure. Players buy the model as normal but do not Deploy it during the normal Deployment phase. The model is left off the tabletop and does not need to be Activated.

During any one of his turns, the player with the Unseen Assailant may Activate the model and place it anywhere on the tabletop within 1 inch of any terrain feature. The model may Charge from its unseen state and when doing so gains an additional +1 to hit and +1 damage, and may not be Countercharged or interrupted by any models on Wait in any way. Once the model with this Special Ability has been placed on the tabletop it then behaves as any other model and can be targeted just like any other model for the rest of the game.


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